Foreign Money and a Spirit of Deception - Darren Canning


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Very interesting Carolyn.  I was recently at a church  and the
Pastor there told me that he has invested almost $10,000.00 on the Iraqi
Dinar because of a prophetic word.  When he told me how
much it would increase in value i was going to buy a small amount about
$100.00, but felt a nudge on my spirit.  The thought entered my mind, "What
is the difference between this and playing the lottery?"   I couldn't shake
it as a thought.  I preached on Kingdom finances in this church.  I taught
them about investing in the Kingdom.  I am just thinking what would have
that preacher have established in the Kingdom if he had invested $10,000 in

Anyway, this word resonates with me very much.  Thanks for being bold to