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Isn’t it amazing that, once Jesus begins to teach about NT fellowship with Himself… in and through His Corporate Body (eating His flesh and drinking His blood)… that many of His disciples draw back and walk no more with Him, because they realize they can no longer approach Him with a “what’s in it for me?”- mentality?  They realize it is no longer just about “me and the Lord”; but also laying down their lives for one another.  And this occurs in John 6:66?  666 ~ the same mark received by the harlot church in the wilderness in Rev. 13, distinguishing them from the Overcomers who stand with the Lamb on Mt. Zion??  The Overcomers are dead-to-self!  The works of men glorify men, the works of God glorify the Lamb:-)  There is an element of “being under the Law of Moses” which is being missed by the current “Grace Movement”… “uncircumcision” (Gal. 5:6).  It believes that, because we are no longer under the letter of the written word of God, we are simply free to "love God, and do WHATEVER"; which translates into: “Freedom to ‘love God’ and SERVE OURSELVES.”  This is a perversion of the true Grace of Christ, just like the Book of Jude describes.  Blessings, Pastor Carolyn.  ~John & Kelly