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Greetings and Hello Prophet Stanley I,m Writing to you for Special Prayer Request Well I Been Asking God To Send Me A Wife and I Pray God Move Me To Atlanta Georgia or Miami Florida and I Pray God Send Me Financial Blessings and I Pray God Put and end to the Violence / Homicides and Gang Trouble and Guns and Drugs and Teen Pregnancy and Hiv - Aids and Racial Profiling and Driving while on Cell Phones and Drinking and Driving and Road Rage and High Gas Prices and Some Young Men Hanging on the Corners and Some Young Men with their Pants Hanging Low and Some Young Men and Women Smoking Weed and Pray for the Youth in My City also to and Young People / Youth Stay in School. My Testimony I Had a Stroke Back in May 18 2006 I was Going To Have Open Chest OPen Heart Surgery But it was Blood Clots in My Lungs That,s What Caused My Stroke I,m Doing Well Now I,m Taking Coumadin Medicine Now Jesus is a Doctor in the Sick Room I,m Blessed. I Pray to God the Ny Jets and the Atlanta Falcons Win a Super Bowl One of these Years and I Like to Look at Those Shooting Stars and Rain Bows in the Sky and I Have Big Dreams to and the Sky is the Limit for Me. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY FOR ME GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER GOD WILL ANSWER PRAYERS PRAYER CHANGES THINGS KEEP ME IN PRAYERS AND GOD BLESS JERMAINE CHATMAN OF ROCHESTER < NEW YORK

Jermaine Chatman / August 8st, 2012

Hi, I am requesting prayer for a couple of things. I have been seeking direction on where the Lord wants us to be. We recently started the process of purchasing a home but knowing what is coming I am concerned that we may have made a mistake. Please pray for me and my family to be led of the Lord and to clearly hear from him on what his will is. Also, I have lived most of my Christian life in a back and forth struggle with sin. I know that this should not be the way of a true believer. Because of this, I have not had a close relationship with the Lord. I have confessed my sins and am desiring to be close to the Lord and follow him. Thank you and the Lord bless you! Michael

Michael Weber / August 8th, 2012

Please pray for healing for my mom Liz Hill. She has sleep apnea, insomnia, asthma, and a bad heart valve. Please pray she gets a peaceful sleep and has strength and good health to enjoy her senior years. Pray for new divine friendships for her. Pray she will find or want to go back to church again. Pray for God to work a miracle in her life. And she will know his love and peace again. Thanks!

Heidi Hill / July 7th, 2012

I am 34, single never married. I've dedicated my life to my family and my work in education. Recently, (about 2 weeks ago) my 85 yr old grandfather who was on home hospice services passed away. As his health & mental capacity slowly declined I made my peace and said my goodbyes. He was saved and I knew where he was going. I prayed and told God that I didn't want to watch him slowly pass away & be in so much pain. God knows how dedicated I've been to my family & I thought he would honor that request. However, the 10 min prior to his passing it just happened to be my aunt, grandmother and I. My aunt had a meltdown in the living room when it happened so I had to call everyone back to the house and tell his children over the phone that he had taken his last breath less than 10min after they all had left. I never wanted to have to tell anyone that news, especially his my family! I am a "respond now and react later" type of person. I did what needed to be done and made the calls that needed to be made and had my own meltdown later by myself. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that I had to be the one to tell all of my family of his passing when I never wanted to watch it in the first place! I keep praying & giving it to God and asking myself; "What was God's purpose in that?" I know that God turns all things to good for those who love Him and call on His name. ...I've been praying for God to bring me a husband for many years. During the 2 weeks prior to his passing when all the family was in town and at my grandfather's bedside, that need became even stronger as I watched all of my aunts, uncles, mom and stepfather & even my brother and sister-in-law all go home at night to the arms of one another while I went home alone each night. It has been hard for me, especially now. I focus on God, pray & read the word daily. I speak His word out loud but the need for the physical comfort of a husbands arms is overwhelming to me. My grandparents would have been married 59yrs this November. I want that but wonder if I'll ever have it!! I know God's word says that He has a plan for me and He will meet all my needs. God has spoken promises to me and He cannot lie. I will TRUST in my KING and SAVIOR! Will you please please please pray for God to bring me the perfect husband that He has fashioned just for me? Not my will but His be done! I want a family as God did. I know the desires He has put in my heart. Also, will you pray for comfort and strength for me and my family as we heal from the loss of my grandfather. (Forrest Stone Jr.) Thank you, Laura

Laura / June 6th, 2012

I need prayer for my foster home. The devil is trying to close my home on a lie. The nurse that I put out of my foster home got agree and call the state and told a lot of lies. I need pray that God will clear my case soon that it will be nonfounden.

Henry Etta Lewis / June 6st, 2012

Prayer request: 1.) For Ian, age 33 Repentance ~Deliverance of Strongholds of Deception & Lies ~ Truth imparted 2.) Yvette: Under Mind control & Antichrist spirits 3.) Angel ~ ~ back slidden after raped by a christian boy ~ Alcoholic ~ 4.) Darrel ~ Touch to his body

Kathryn King / April 4th, 2012

Pray for my the fight against false doctrine here who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation,I am so hated by many ,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden

keijo / April 4rd, 2012

I am battling a spirit, and it has attached to my spirit and personality. I need a miracle.

Rebecca / March 3th, 2012

TO The In-Charge/Pastor Rev.Carolyn Sissom Eastgate Ministries Inc... Greetings in the Lord's name.Its our great pleasure and honor to greet and let you know about our ministries here in Orissa. We are glad that we came to know you better and your ministries through web site only, Praise God we have 16 Missionaries and 15 Pastors are doing ministry in the remote ares,rural Villages “specially RSS.BJP Communities places, we have commitment and serving towards widows,Leprosy,and Blind ministry in the rural Villages, we have 70 refugees poor/needy Children are available in our two ranted Blessing Homes, and also we have Gospel Team to reach un reached. Thank God the work of God is going well here. but So for we do not have any sponsors/support from any one to look after this ministry, but praise God always we depend upon our mighty God the one who ready to help and Bless us always, we would love to ask you and your faithful prayer support for the ministries we have here,we would be great and helpful if you would love to serve with us and support any kind of help for this ministry.we need your valuable suggestion and encourage us to reach many lost souls for Christ in Orissa,It will be great and fruitful If you glad to ask or share this with Others,Friends,Churches and Ministries over there.we do love to ask you please let us pray together,help together and win many lost souls for Jesus Christ together.we would like to send you our ministries Brochure please look here.. GOD BLESS YOU We hope to hear from you soon Regards with Pastor. Karma Ban Raulo Orissa Contact Address ----------------- Rev.Karma Ban Raulo Reach For Christ Blessing Home At/Post-Ashrayagada Dist/-Gajapati Orissa.761207,India Cell :91+9437658994 Ph :91+8106093556 Email :pastorkarma1@rediffmail.com :pastorrljohnson@yahoo.com

Karma Ban Raulo / March 3th, 2012

I would like prayer for healing from diabetes. I would like prayer for healing for my grandson Cobi 13 years old from dmd I need a monthly financial increase asap. I'm 63 years old 240 lbs retired Prayer for everyone on my facebook friends and family list for salvation, healings and for the good Lord to meet their needs. oh yes and prarer for my youngest daughter 34 years old deliverance from alcohol, she is chronic alcoholic I pray for her deliverance. She is also living in the street. No one can handle her to help her. She needs healing of a broken heart and deliverance from alcohol from Jesus I thank the Lord for this ministry !!!

Ann DeSheles / March 3th, 2012

May you please pray for me for safety .a good marriage .good health and a salary increment thank you


Pls pray for my husband aamir mehta, for release from the spirit of fear and rejection

An anonymous requester / January 1th, 2012

prayer for my husband

nancy harris / January 1th, 2012

Ppl like you get all the bnrias. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

lIKMavHELqf / December 12nd, 2011

Prayer for my husband who dealing with pride.Pray for my sons.

An anonymous requester / November 11th, 2011

I am asking for guidance for my family. My husband doesn't want to go to to church after a bad experience. We were apart of a church 16 years, he was praise and worship leader. We left that church, it took us a year to get in church. We went but we were not receivig all God had for us. We once again are out of church. I pray daily for God to guide us to help us find a spirit filled church where God can use my husbands talents. We have three children who need the love of God in their lives.

An anonymous requester / September 9th, 2011

I ask that you please stand in agreement with me for the Salvation for my dear friend Jose Rodriguez. He is a spirit filled man and we use to go to church every weekend to praise the Lord. Now Jose stopped going to church and is a back slider, I pray for God to bring him back and for God's will to be done in Jose's life in Jesus name. I love Jose and God knows our history together. I also pray for God to restore our friendship and relationship in Jesus name. I cast all my cares on the Lord and know that he is God and all things are possible with him .Thanks in advance for your prayers. In Jesus Name Amen

Cynthia Minor / July 7th, 2011

Would you please agree with me that Jesus has already done the complete work of healing in my Mom (severe stroke, atrial fibrulation and glaucoma), and my Dad (diabetes and injuries suffered in WWII). I also believe that my entire family will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, reject false religion and be set free from all generational curses and diseases. God bless you for your faithfulness to that which He has called you!

M / July 7th, 2011

Please pray that my 30 year old son would be reunited with me. It has been 3 years, and I done everything I know. I had a nervous breakdown last year. I continue to pray. Please agree with me in prayer. Thanks and God bless you.

Nanci / June 6th, 2011

Please, pray for loved one! Trampled violently by a horse, don't know how severely hurt. Please pray for speedy recovery. Having problems breathing, in a lot of pain. No! hospital insurance. Needs miracle!... God Bless You!

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2011

Salvation and Baptism in the Holy Spirit for family. For son in law to take his place as "Head of the Family"under the Lord.

Nancy for daughter Pam / March 3th, 2011

Please pray with me for a miraculous move of God in the financial realm. Please pray that God will bless me with increase and be set free from the spirit of lack, insufficiency and struggling. I faithfully tithe and give. Please pray for total healing and restoration in my family and for the salvation, deliverance and repentance of a lost loved one. Please pray against all of the evil, wicked and demonic attacks that are trying to come against us from enemies that have hurt, tortured and tormented so many people. I am indeed grateful for you time and prayers. Please do not post my request but it is fine if you decide to respond. Thank you so much for your prayers and intercession. God Bless! Tena

An anonymous requester / March 3th, 2011

I pray I fulfill my destiny, purpose, calling, bring forth 100fold return so when i stand before Jesus I will be found faithful. I will have gold, and crowns to throw to His feet. I pray I reflect image of Jesus. I passionately seek His face, Presence, love Him.

Mina / March 3th, 2011

Freedom. To hear the Lord better.

Tina / February 2th, 2011


johny / February 2th, 2011

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