Sunday, October 7, 2018, the Year of Our Lord

Pastor Carolyn Sissom


Now will I arise,” says the LORD.  “Now will I be exalted; now will I be lifted up.” (Isa. 33:10)


Isa. 33:22: The Lord is our Judge.  The Lord is our Lawgiver.  The Lord is our King.  He will save us.


The three branches of government are under the authority and power of the Kingdom of God.


I gave a Word of Knowledge after the Tuesday Bible Study, that the Kavanaugh hearing would be a “sign.”  I didn’t know what “sign.” But I am considering it is a sign that the chaff is being separated from the wheat.


Mat. 3:12:  His winnowing fan is in his hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn, but will burn of the chaff with unquenchable fire.


In Isaiah chapter 33, the prophet is prophesying of the destruction of the Assyrian (a type of the spirit of antichrist).  He asked two rhetorical questions over a hundred years before Babylon descended upon Judah and Benjamin. 


Isa. 33:14: Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire?  Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?


Isaiah cried out, O Lord, be gracious to us; We have waited for You.”  He further prayed.  Be their arm every morning, our salvation also in the time of trouble.”  His was the national cry for a “separated people,” not the cry of the mob.  When God rises up, circumstances change significantly.  Great contrast falls between the reward of the noisy mob and the reward of God’s voice.  The noise of the mob is based in national immorality and lawlessness. 


The words and chants of the mob deposited seeds in the nation of meaningless diatribe (we can call it chaff) and those words give birth to worthless productivity (call it stubble).  Their words, chants, and actions comprised worthless wood, hay and stubble.  All of it was destined to be burned.


The morass which was rapidly covering their society was the result of their inequity, moral loss and overt choice to sin.  God challenged them to consider what it meant for Him to rise up.


Isa. 33:13-14:  Hear, you who are afar off, what I have done; and you who are near, acknowledge My Might.  The sinners in Zion are afraid.  Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites.  (Hold that thought about afar off).


Sinners, Hypocrites and Hearers (saints) are separated when God arises.  Hypocrites, Sinners, and Hearers all emerged from their quarters; one to a fire of judgment and the other to a fire of revelation.  Exposure to the flame makes the difference.  Hypocrites and sinners are to be consumed as chaff, while Hearers are to receive illumination.  The feign of hypocrisy cannot sustain itself against a rising God

“Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.” 


The integrity of the Most High rises with Him.  Since the LORD is the root of all integrity, it is His nature to root out rebellion, idolatry, pride, and arrogance.  The LORD dealt with Israel and he continues to deal in fire with hypocrites and sinners today.  We have watched this judgment play out on our television screens these past two weeks.


One day God arises with His Holiness Flame.  Then the question found in Isaiah 33:14 overtakes the media, the government, the people and the churches, “Who can dwell with the consuming fire?”  For the holy ones (the Hearers), they are drawn to His flame, while the compromised and rebellious are gathered and burned. 


The “force field of God’s fire” (Dr. C. R. Oliver) requires the following criteria:

Isa. 33: 15-17:

He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly,

He who despises the gain of oppressions,

Who gestures with his hands, refusing bribes,

Who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed,

And shuts his eyes from seeing evil;

He will dwell on high;

His place of defense will be the fortress of rocks;

Bread will be given him,

His water will be sure.

Your eyes  will see the King in His beauty;

They will see the land that is very far off. 


Only the righteous can dwell with his burning, while they behold His beauty.  God’s supernatural energy force of fire surrounds His separated individuals who are in concert with the Holy Spirit.  These form the “voice of the kingdom.”  Consuming fire burned in Jeremiah’s bones.  His soul yielded to the Spirit of God and took into his very being the word of the book.  When he spoke, he was the “kingdom voice.”


Kingdom voices supersede the noisy mob rule of the spirit of antichrist.  God looks favorably upon those who walk righteously and speak uprightly.  These dwell within Him, and He in them.  They are the answered prayer of Jesus recorded in John.  They are one with Him, and He is one with the Father.  Together they speak as one “kingdom voice.”


Being the kingdom voice means rehearsing the works and words of God and all our speech becomes a spokes person for righteousness.  These are God’s spokes persons among the nations.  They are to bring the consuming fire of His presence locally.


Provision is always made for these “separated kingdom voices” Isa. 33: 16b-17:


Your eyes will se the King in His beauty;

They will see the land that is far off.


The Hearers will dwell on high; they will have a place of defense, as well as having their human needs met.  They will se the King in His beauty (of Holiness).  They will see the land of promises (though far off).  God’s consuming Fire surrounds, protects, provides and projects.


Walking in this kind of righteousness affords them a market place witness.  They will not be ignored even by a godless society.  The whole of society observes their separated estate and intense scrutiny.  Justice Brett Kavanaugh went through the most intense scrutiny of anyone in our modern days.  To the righteous, Scrutiny is welcome.  Those who are called to the heights of the Kingdom are plowed deep.


Scripture points to other ingredients observed in the Hearers, for they are those, “Who despise the gain of oppression, who gesture with their hands, refusing bribes.” 


Could this mean no politician may qualify?  Could this mean those immersed in the corruption of the judicial system need not apply?  Business men? Ministers?


33:1:  Woe to thee that spoils and you were not spoiled; and dealt treacherously, and they did not deal treacherously with you.  When you cease to spoil, you shall be spoiled; and you shall make an end to dealing treacherously, they shall deal treacherously with you.”


Who can dwell with the consuming fire? 


Are they not those heroes of faith who can navigate through a distorted world of confrontational confusion and determine to hear only Him?  They are the Hearers. 


Isa. 33:15:  Who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed and shuts his eyes from seeing evil.


With mass media filled with death and bloodshed, not to mention, profanity, and perversion, it seems impossible to not see and hear all that is around us.   But, the separated man or woman has some definite life altering decisions to make, which include what is received by ear or eye.


There will also be a gathering out of his kingdom all things that offend.  Matt. 13:41: “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity.  And shall cast them into a furnace of fire; there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth; then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.  Who has ears to hear, let him hear?”


Isaiah chapter 33 celebrates a great victory, and is prophetic of the method of the final triumph.


33:5-6: “The Lord is exalted; for he dwells on high; he has filled Zion with judgment and righteousness. And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times, and strength of salvation; the fear of the Lord is his treasure.”


This verse predicts the utter uselessness of trying to make peace with the Antichrist who will be determined to destroy the nation. 

33: 10-13:  Now will I rise, says the Lord; now will I be exalted; now will I lift up Myself.  You shall conceive chaff, you shall bring forth stubble; your breath, as life, shall devour you.  And the people shall be as the burnings of lime; as thorns cut up shall they be burned in the fire; Hear, you that are far off, what I have done; and, you that are near, acknowledge My might.”


None can endure the revelation of the Holy Presence of God but the godly.  Isaiah’s keynote  is righteousness.  All of Judah owes God a debt of thanksgiving for deliverance, but not all---by any means are godly enough to be worthy to enter the Holy of Holies.   But those who are truly grateful may show it by amendment of life; gratitude demands it. 


The Holy Bible has over 7000 promises.  All we have to do is meet the condition, and step up and claim the promise.  Here the Lord tells us the keys to the Kingdom whereby we may live in the presence of the “force field of God’s fire.”


  1. Continuation of life:  Perpetuity of power within the saint.   He will dwell on high.  
  2. Protection in life:  His place of  defense will be the fortress of rocks.
  3. Provision for Life:  Bread will be given him, His water will be sure.
  4. Perpetuity of Life:  Your eyes will see the King in His beauty; and they will see the land that is very far off.


As I am typing these scriptures, a dream I had this week which has puzzled me seems to be clear:


Dream:  My husband and I were in China (a land that is far off).   He came to me and took my identification and papers.  He said to me, you must start walking due West to Missouri.  I only had small change in my pocket.   I dutifully set out on my journey.  I walked into a shop in a very populace city in China to ask for water.  A Caucasian man gave me a cup of water.  I offered to pay him for it; but he would not take my money.  He asked my mission.  I told him I was walking due West to Missouri.  Another man (Caucasian – I believe he was an angel) came up behind him and handed me a flat cake similar to a cookie.  I offered to pay him.  He said, “No”, and he, too wanted to know my mission. I thanked both of them and walked out the door acclimating myself as to east vs. west.  I started walking toward a huge, brilliant Sun in a very populated city---end of dream.


In the natural, My husband would have never abandoned me in a foreign city.  He was very protective.

Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me.  China would be a land that is very far off and very populace which was apparent in the dream.  If I take that dream to this scripture, it seems to fit perfectly:

 He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly,   (The journey was to walk forward in obedience).

He who despises the gain of oppressions,      (Well, I would never receive a bribe or be controlled by money).

Who gestures with his hands, refusing bribes,

Who stops his ears from hearing of bloodshed,          (I don’t watch killing and death movies-nor do I listen to strife)

And shuts his eyes from seeing evil;         (There was no fear to take the journey).

He will dwell on high;

His place of defense will be the fortress of rocks;

Bread will be given him,     (given to me by an angel)

His water will be sure.         (given to me by an angel)

Your eyes will see the King in His beauty;  (Sun) 

They will see the land that is very far off.    (Journey from China to Missouri)  My eyes are always on that which is far off. Walking toward the West = illumination. 


Just thinking out loud while I am writing that it is probably not a coincidence, I am preaching from Isaiah 33: 15-17???


Those who walk righteously are privileged to live in the constant Presence of God, find in God a perpetual refuge, receive all necessary sustenance, and behold the King in all His beauty.  These are the attributes of the overcomer, the one who shall be able to dwell or live in the Most Holy Place, the place of a baptism of fire.  The reality of such a word is devastating to the hypocrites whose life does not match their walk or their talk. 


Carolyn F. Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries Church

Scripture from K.J.V. and NKJV. I entered into the labors of Consumed By His Fire by Dr. C. R. Oliver; Bible Study by: Carolyn Sissom The Defeat of Antichrist and the Triumph of Jesus Christ, Isa. Chapter 33; comments, conclusions and dreams were given to Carolyn Sissom and not meant to reflect the views of those who I entered into their labors. 

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