Carolyn Sissom, Pastor
Eastgate Ministries Church
Katy, Texas 

“I haven’t called anyone who can, I have called you”

Carolyn received the call for full time public ministry in the late 1980’s.  The prophets had begun to speak  the unthinkable, “One day you will start a church and Pastor.”

“You are willing to help anyone who can do it.”   Prophet Stanley Rankin said to her, “I haven’t called anyone who can, I have called you.”

At the age of 49, on her hands and knees mopping the kitchen floor, the call came.  The first church was in Baton Rouge, La.  It was formed from a Bible Study group.   

Carolyn was preaching by vision unaware the Lord was bringing her into the movement that is now identified as the Third Day Church.  The commission was to bring a remnant into the maturity of the Glory of God and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  Once on this mountain of His Kingdom, she began to meet others who were also on His mountain of Glory.

In 1997 her husband, Don Sissom, was transferred to Houston. 

In 1999, another commission came to start a church.  It was lovingly called Little White Church.  It was a happy 15-years of ministry.

In 2010, Don was called to be with the Lord.  

In 2014 another ministry change began to evolve.  Due to civil and government restrictions, the congregation had to move from Little White Church.

Eastgate Church was received at Willow Fork Country Club which was our home location until 2020.  The Lord spoke to Carolyn that she had started another church.

The starting of this third church coincided with the global shaking of everything that can be shaken is being shaken.  God’s shaking will yield a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.  The Lord is building a house of unshakeable peace and glory.

In the fall of 2020, the call came to build a sanctuary moving the church farther west to 10115 West Hidden Lakes Lane, Richmond, Texas.  We moved into the new church building on Palm Sunday, 2021.  We are still under construction, but happily meeting in our now permanent location. 

Carolyn has served the Houston, Texas community as Pastor since 1999.  She continues to minister in conferences and retreats as a guest speaker; as well as at many churches, Women’s Aglow, Para-church groups, and small groups.  Her sermons and Bible Studies are in print on this website.

Carolyn has traveled as a minister to Israel, Italy, India, Germany, Belize, the Caribbean and Mexico.  Also participating  in the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C. through Capitol Hill Prayer Group.

She is an Elder in the Gospel Ministerial Alliance, Brady, TX.  She serves as overseer of the Houston city-region for the Alliance under Bishop Halford of Brady, TX.

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