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ubaTaeCJ / March 3th, 2024

Hi My name is Andre and i need help I have a 5yr old son im a victim of famly Violance been asking and putting in for help but nothing. I'm disabled living on 795.mo . And i have No family they past away 2016 and 17
I'm in need of help with a deposit so that me and my will have aplace to live for Christmas our deposit is $1100
My son need toys if you cant assist me with deposit his birthday is also December 31st so things are not going good for us I can't help but to ask because I love my son and I've raised him alone sense his birth. I can say I know what it feels like to be a single mother and can't many men say that well can you please assist me?

Andre Hudson / December 12th, 2023

Dear brothers and sisters,
my family is very captive by the darkness! My father is still very burdened by his parents, but my mother and my two sisters also need so much deliverance and healing!!
Jesus has called me to lead my family into His freedom and fullness.
But I need the help of Holy Spirit and the angels so urgent!! That they bring me the right keys I need to unlock the prisons.
I would be so grateful if you would pray with me for this!
I really need heaven's help!!!
I need knowledge and revelation!
I read a lot on this topic, listen to good teachings about it and talk a lot with Holy Spirit about it.
But I need the right tools and that Jesus connects me with the right brothers and sisters who already are more experienced in deliverance ministry and can help me even further.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers!!
In Jesus´ love,

Sabrina / September 9th, 2023

I am speaking on behalf of a Romanian Evangelist named Nicolae Geantă.
He needs our prayers and God’s Miraculous Power at work for his releasing of kidney stones, operated tendon on his right hand (that it was not done properly and gives him pain), muscle spasm on his upper left leg, and the need for a repaired meniscus at his right knee. That is a handful, but God is also a Handful powerful God. I thank you very much for your faith in action, and your powerful prayers! May God reward you hand-fully! (He is currently in the Chicago area and suffering in pain.)

Dan Popescu / August 8nd, 2023

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