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Hello it's me, I am also visiting this website daily, this web page is truly good and the users
are truly sharing nice thoughts. help refuges

Juanita / July 7nd, 2022

Dear friends in Christ. I have been ministering as an evangelist here in Finland. Could you pray for my wife Ester who has suffered from a terrible pain in her ovaries for 1 1/2 years. Her own doctor found a growth called an endometriosis in her ovaries. She sent her to a gynecologist who did an ultrasound scan to her and she did not see any growths in her ovaries and womb. Because of the excruciating pain my wife asked after all the gynecologist to order her to an operation. She said it would be too big and highly dangerous operation to remove her ovaries and womb because Ester has a type 1 diabetes from the age of 12. Because of the diabetes wounds of an operation don´t easily be cured. The gynecologist ordered her a hormonal treatment to relieve this terrible pain. However, I expect the Lord to remove and heal this excruciating endometriosis. Ester has during the time been a believer several times experienced a supernatural healing from incurable diseases. I myself have had an inflammation in my tongue for 7 1/2 months. In addition I have had a low hemoglobin count for several months and I was ordered by my doctor to a stomach endoscopy because she said there is a bleeding in my stomach. Could you pray to the Lord that He heals all my wounds - especially in my tongue - and stop all bleedings in my stomach and intestines. With love and blessings in Christ Ariel Manninen

Ariel Manninen / August 8th, 2013

oh god help me for I have sinned and done wrong. Fill me again with your spirit. I pray for my son and daughter and wife. Be with us at this time oh god. Have mercy upon my children and save them from the hell that has come to them. In Jesus holy name I pray. Love ....... Amen

An anonymous requester / June 6th, 2013

PRAYER REQUEST [may be duplicate]: Healing of hiv, liver, pah valve, neuro, gout,skin & t-cells to go over 200; BIG financial gains and to recover 25K in stock loss; to win court case on 6/18 against a harassing landlord, am defending self & they are a big company-for wisdom to be ready; and for enemies to be defeated; For Sharon to leave; and Victory at PACC & favor with HASA, in Jesus name--Rick in NYC Ps. 118:17

Ricardo / June 6rd, 2013

I retired as a commercial flight attendant 3 1/2 years ago. I have been in the study of the Word with a focus on angels. The Lord has provided for me amazingly through some financial setbacks and work direction has been difficult to know. I received my corporate/private flight attendant credentials in Dec and with the right position there I would once again be doing well financially-what I was doing before retiring commercially. My daughter has been out of my life for many years which has caused great heartache for me and I\'m sure for her too. She is not saved. Her name is Rory. I was at your church when Kathy Walters was there over a year ago. Please pray for breakthrough and direction. Thankyou. I cover this prayer request with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Nancy Newman / June 6nd, 2013

healing from arthritis knees curvature nof the spine and pain

karen / May 5th, 2013

Please pray that my family and I will be in the center of God\'s will for our lives; and that His purpose, plan, callings, and destiny will be fulfilled in every area of our lives. Please also pray that God will anoint our eyes to see all that He is showing us and that He will anoint our ears to hear all that He is speaking to us; and that we will not doubt and immediately obey Him without doubt or fear. We desperately need miracles, breakthroughs, blessings, wisdom, and spiritual discernment in every area of our lives. Please also pray that God will heal me of insomnia, anxiety, fear, eczema, and stress, etc. Thank you and God bless you!

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2013

prayer for repentence, salvation, deliverance for Ian an Angel, Lee and Yvette.

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2013

Prayer of agreement for my son, Richard and my son-in-law Kevin to have the desire to begin attending Sunday church. Only the women on our family property attend church. The men have committed their lives to Jesus and have been water baptized but they do not attend church. I am very concerned about this because my granddaughters see this and believe this is the way all men are so they do not think that men/husbands should attend church as a family and/or do not think it is important to date and/or marry men that do not attend church. One of their reasons for not attending is because of the tithing message. They just don\'t get it right now.

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2013

Please pray for the revivalist call on my life....and my future healing centre and healing ministry.. Please pray for my personal healing.....from congenital spinal condition at C1 and C2...and mercury poisoning from my teeth....affecting vital organs... Please pray for my future spouse....the man with the kingly apostolic market place anointing.....who is presently in the US....and I believe the Lord wants to bring him to glasgow Scotland.... Please pray that the enemy wold not distract and delay him by offering him jobs....and career changes in the US......as delaying tactics....to take him off course.... Thank you Anne-Marie x

Anne-Marie / April 4nd, 2013

My son has been judged and wrongfully accused. He and his wife relocated for a job, was invited to a church. Loved the church, needed a place to stay. Couple from church, moved them into their home. After about a month later,thru series of events with job and church. Church couple are saying my son is a lier, judging him,got up in his face,gossiping amoung church and pastor. Very hurt upset and crushed, dosnt know what to beleive anymore. Has to find another place to live, worst of all losing trust and beleif in christians and church. Please pray for healing, restoration and provision, need place to live.

An anonymous requester / March 3th, 2013

Prayer for Justin and Brittney, They left for Midland ,Tx. Justin was told if he interviewed and took drug test he would be hired. He got lost finding the clinic for drug test. They said he was too late, would not give test. tryed calling job for another appnt. not calling him back. They are very distrought, Stranded cant find shelter, living on the street no money for food almost out of gas. I Tax return was filled not here yet in a bad cituation right now. Please pray, for shelter, provision, and safety they are in a rough area. As always, thank you all and God Bless You Deborah PS* waiting to hear back about a room for rent, they need much favor!

Deborah Buchanan / February 2nd, 2013

Prayer,for job with good hours, benifits great pay. Employment I can retire with. Needed as soon as possible Thank you for your prayers

Deborah / February 2th, 2013

Pastor Carolyn, Prayer for my son Justin. Since being discharged from the Army, Justin has experienced a lot of discouragement,failure, loss of confidence and quality of life. The army released Justin without an honorable discharge. The army has blackballed Justin. He has no benefits, even though he had a medical dissability. His military record, has him listed with the same record as a convict would have. The only company willing to work with Justin,is a company in Midland, TX. He has waited almost 6 mts for an answer concerning employment. They keep telling him, they want him they will call him next week, or after Christmas. He is depending on this job he needs to work so much. Would you please pray they have a job and he will start asap. He needs to start his family and go on with his life. This record with army needs to be justified, and corrected. Thank you, God Bless ya\'ll for everything.

Deborah Buchanan / February 2th, 2013

i would like prayers for healing i have a chronic migraine thank you and God bless

nicole / January 1th, 2013

* Andrea - Seeking new opening in Medical Biotech field -Dubai * Boss to come closer to god and to resolve dispute with his partner in India.

John Vas / November 11th, 2012

pray that god blesses the work that i have put my hands to,and for a major financial blessing and for finaces in general and for wisdom and knowledge and to remove all blockages and hinderances that i move closer to what he has called me to be and do for a mind that can grasp and understand and retain and attain the spiritual things of god for an uniquely postive change in my curcumstances for the better to be ever closer to him.

john c. richards / November 11th, 2012

Thankful to find your website.Am praying for healing,the Lord has given me His promise. That prophecy about the weight (authority) of the cross caught my attention.

An anonymous requester / November 11nd, 2012

please pray for my wife Anita Wallace for salvation and deliverance and please pray for my marriage and finances Min Wallace.

Harry Wallace / November 11th, 2012

God bless you. with the only hope i am writing this letter to good help mind people. I hope, you have good helping mind people in you business or family circle. Please refer some good people to help me. I need of help from good people. i am not begging, i am asking a chance to live. You or you may have good contacts people to help me. I am guruswamy G from bangalore india. I am here for asking a chance to live. Dont think anything bad about me. You may have good helping mind,or you may have any good helping mind people contacts. so i hope you help me through some ways. I am working in national aerospace laboratories bangalore, its a central government organization. i joined at 21 years. now i am 28 years. I have a problem in my life which has been not solved till. I have a huge debit for my family needs and helps. I am paying huge interest also. Now i stoped to pay interest everything. because of this problem, i have diabetic. i have 450 level. I am having this problems for last 4 years. I am managing with my family with some ways. now i have debit of 30,00,000/-, i took all loans which available in bank and co-operatives, and i paid only interest. because they helped me in timing situation. I am paying interest around 75,000/- monthly now. Daily i am suffering with those people. I am in good position in job wise. because of my bad time and situation i lost everything by paying interest. Because i have no support from father. He left when i was 12 years. so i managed everything from that day. i am not asking you for long term help. I need atleast 12 to 18 months time to repay the amount. so if any help minded people can help me legally. so i can take from them amount legally with executing the bond. i dont have any property documents. I have only identity proof like, driving license, passport, pan card pension card and my Marks card, cheque leaf everything. why i am sending to you people is, if any body willing to help for like loan without interest for a above time period, so i can repay everything and i can save my life. i can give all proof of identity of mine. let them check first with the gazatte. then they can call for to give a help. basically i am diploma in mechanical engineering .I am studying amie through correspondence. and i finished b.sc mathematics through correspondece. Now i cant concentrate my studies also. because of this health and my problems. below i attached my address and contacts.if any body wants to help me, please reply this mail for proofs. so i can send and get help from good people thorugh legally. atleast whatever help you can do, please do for as chance for my life. address for communication Guruswamy.G APMF / Metrology National Aerospace Laboratories, Old airport Road, Bangalore - 560017 Karnataka India. ph: +919739829672 bank account details. Guruswamy G 202104000139755 IDBI bank, Savings bank,Indira nagar Branch Bangalore India PAN no: AKSPG8234E IFSC code: IBKL0000202 swift code: IBKLINBB008 If any one helps, kindly reply and tell me the details i can provide all my details and take help legally.

Guruswamy / November 11th, 2012

God's purpose for my life will be established.I really need a job. I have completed master degree course and no job. My visa will run out after January 2013 and i need a miracle from God. The Lord who has brought me to UK will established me. God should help and lead me to my right partner for marriage.

An anonymous requester / November 11st, 2012

I ask that you touch and agree with me that Gods will be manifested in my life, for an extra measure of His anointing and power, and for the manifestation of my gifts that He has so graciously given me!

An anonymous requester / October 10th, 2012

URGENT INTERCESSORY PRAYERS NEEDED Please put the following urgent petitions before our Lord Jesus Christ with fasting and prayers until they are answered. 1. AB´s employment is ending in November, 2012. He asks for immediate divine intervention of getting a new appointment and relocation. 2. Eben needs financial support for his graduate studies. He asks immediate miracle to happen to be sponsored by a company. 3. James and Lydia need divine protection wherever they are. Also, they should contact their family immediately. 4. Peter and Rebecca need urgent healing. 5. Sam and siblings ask for immediate divine intervention of bringing all the family members who have left the church. Please continue to pray for these people. Your fellow prayer warrior. Thanks

aba / September 9th, 2012

Dear Ms. Chandler, I hope you can help me.As I was crying tonite over my best friend's son, Danny, who is a drug addict and spiraling out of control pretty quickly, the Lord reminded me of you. I saw you speak at the Morning Star Cowboy Church in Kenney, Texas. I remembered the focus of your ministry is lost young people. Well Danny is very lost. I have spoken to him about Christ, but I am not getting through and I am ill-equipped to speak to someone using drugs. I have know idea what he is going through. I was hoping that you or someone from your group that can relate to Danny and the drug addiction could meet with him. You have already met Danny's mom. You and your group spoke prophetically to her at the Morning Star Cowboy Church. A few days later she gave her life to Christ. I have been planting seeds with her for 3 years, but it was you and your group that finally convinced her that God loved her and had always had her back. The story goes on. A few days after she gave her life to Christ, she was on a plane to see Danny. She hadnt seen her son in 20 years. She gives God the glory for all of that. She needs God and you to help her save her son. I know you are really busy, so I hope you or someone from your team can contact me. My cell is 979-525-6568. Thank you for what you do. regards, Lori

Lori Mingo / September 9th, 2012

Rev.Isacc dhas Bd, Gospel mission for india, Post box no 7, Mamallapuram,603104. Tamilnadu, Kancheepuram dist, Tamilnadu, S India Email- gospel_mission_for_india@yahoo.in Phone-00919965450250 00919677373258 Dear pastor in christ. Greet you in the name of our lord jesus christ.Pastor thanks for your reply.I am doing gospel ministry in remote villages in orisa and westbangal and anthra and karnadaka where the gospel unreached yet.Present 16 missionaries are working with our GMFI.We are running childrens home for street and parentless kids .Present in orisa and anthra and tamilnadu 90 disabled childrens are taken care of us in three differnt places through our bethlehem childrens homes orphanage.Pastor please pray for me and my family and ministry work in india.I need your prayer and help .In month of MARCH 15 and 16- 2013 we are going to conducting international gospel crusade for two days.I would like to invite you to our guest speaker to this crusade nearly 1000 pastors and missionaries will gather this meeting from all the country.Pastor i am looking up your mail with prayer.GMFI would like to joint with your organization and do gospel work .We are all praying for your family and ministry.Pastor in my next mail i will send you our mission field photo and my family photo after receive your reply.Please pray for us.God bless your family and ministry Forever in your heart with true love Yours brother in the service of unreached villages in Nortindia Rev.Isacc dhas

Rev.isacc dhas / September 9th, 2012

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