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I pray I fulfill my destiny, purpose, calling, bring forth 100fold return so when i stand before Jesus I will be found faithful. I will have gold, and crowns to throw to His feet. I pray I reflect image of Jesus. I passionately seek His face, Presence, love Him.

Mina / March 3th, 2011

Freedom. To hear the Lord better.

Tina / February 2th, 2011


johny / February 2th, 2011

Pray for Anointing and power of God to be upon me for my ministry

Stanley George / February 2th, 2011

I have prayed for 35 years for my children's salvation. The summer has ended the Harvest is over and they still are not saved. I am becoming weary please pray with me for their Salvation and Deliverance. Ian: age 33 Angelina: age 35 Yvette: age 29 Lee: age 41 also: 2 grand children Thankyou

An anonymous requester / January 1th, 2011

Need place to live, good new job. Favor with rite job for me full time; to pay living expences.God's favor with finding another car fuel effic, needed very much. Car I have now to have favor selling. Too much depression over jobs and place to live. Want to live and earn living. Thank you, Deborah

An anonymous requester / January 1st, 2011

please pray for me to recieve a financial miracle from the lord asap i really need one.Also i want the lord to use me in ministry according to his word which i have not seen.God bless you.

An anonymous requester / December 12th, 2010

please agree with me in prayer for my nephew Beau Henson. He has leukemia, but my God is bigger than that lying terrorist cancer! Please pray for a miracle healing/recovery. And please pray for his mom Eve, and for his dad Tim, his brothers TJ and Zach, and his sister Brandi. By Jesus' stripes Beau was healed! please agree in Jesus' name,amen

andora / December 12st, 2010

Dear Sirs; I am waiting to receive unemployment benefits.Please pray that my application will be successful. Thank you

Rubrn C / December 12th, 2010

Dear Carolyn, John Mark and I have another sister. We are twins, her name is Nadine Hodges-Taylor. In Jan of this year she had a Total Knee Replacement. It did not heal well, but rather healed in a non-straight position. Nadine had a revision of this surgery on November 18,2010. She has now had knee surgery again (5 days ago) due to a very resistant infection. Should this surgery not work, they will fuse her leg and she will have quite limited use of her leg. Thank you so very much, galene

Galene Pool Haygood / December 12th, 2010

My fammily and I we are going through a spiritual warfare; so please keep us into your prayers. Also I am seeking the face of God for intimacy that goes beyond my understanding, and we need a financial breakthrough the battle is realling overwhelming, I Know the battle is not mine but it is the Lord.Therefore, i need a few warrior willing to help me of biding and rebuking the power of darkness with me. amen! Thanks

Eden Louis / November 11th, 2010

We ask that you prayer for our stenght Paul just turn 87 years old, Sis. Carolyn we miss you call me at 985-232-5608

Pastor Joyce Duplantis / November 11rd, 2010

Dear Brother, Praise the lord. I am medalin suja working in SaudiArabia as a nurse, now I applied for the new job as an infection control nurse. Please pray for me to get that job. The place where I am working now, I do not have any peace, my superior asking me to do lot of things but she dose not likes to give a promotion. Please pray for me to get the new job. Also pray for my husband to get the visa to come to Saudi Arabia, his visa expired this month, I am alone with my 3 kids in Saudi Arabia. Thank you. In Christ, Medalin suja.

Medalin Sujatha / October 10th, 2010

Son Erik has Court on Nov 5, 2010 with Judge Bidwell, same Judge that sent him to PRISON for 4 yrs. Erik is on House Arrest due to DRUGS/HEROIN and He has BIPOLAR and ATTENTION DEFICIT. He is detoxing from Methadone. Lord hear my prayer for Erik's DELIVERANCE from DRUG ADDICTION/PHARMAKEI and to TOBACCO as well. His girlfriend Melissa Wood gave birth to Erik's baby boy Evan 4 weeks early. She is at REHAB for 13 months with the baby. because baby was premature they won't allow him out of the Rehab therefore since Erik is on House Arrest he can't see his son. He is heartbroken. Lord please intervene and make a way. give Erik a MIRACLE for Court case and to be able to see his son Evan born on Oct 4th. BE healed and delivered from all DRUGS/TOBACCO once and for all. Truly be saved even though he said Sinners Prayer few times. Transform both Erik and Melissa's life. ALso Erik's father FRED (Mormon) to be saved and my marriage to Fred restored and Father and son relationship to be restored. Lord NO MORE DEPRESSION to ERIK or EMILY. SAlvation and marriage restoration to daughter Nicole and husband JAson and 2 grandbabies Bry and Gaby. Also marriage restoration to daughter Alissa and husband Sal V. Emily to lose 40lbs QUICKLY and STRESS as well. Lord release a JOB for Emily so that I can Tithe and have open Heaven. Let my husband Fred love and honor his wife Emily with love and intimacy. No more rejection to me or my 3 children from their spouses. Break EVERY SOUL TIES in Erik's life as well as the STRONGHOLD of DRUGS/TOBACCO , let him sleep and gain weight Bind Destruction, torment and Python spirit. Let Emily be able to Sleep in peace as well. Thank you Emily E

emily eason / October 10th, 2010

Please pray in agreement with me for more wisdom,revelation & discernment, as well as a 24 hour turnaround (2 Kings 7:1) in my and my son, Asa's finances. He is living in the HBU dorm. However, I need a place to live on the southwest side, favor with decision makers concerning getting a job, insurance/credit/legal issues, and a car of my own. I've "let go" in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, my faith is strong, I see the Hand of God moving...I just need more miracles to manifest NOW! In Jesus' Name. AMEN Thank you. I hope to be in the 10:30 Service on Sunday.

Amanda Davis / September 9th, 2010

Prayer for deliverance for my family and me. For God to have the right person come buy this house. Freedom from the enemy in the second heaven. Complete deliverance from all things that came with the house. And for God to take charge of my finances. Protection for my family. No more pain.

Tina Kirby / September 9th, 2010

Hello, Please continue to pray for me that God delivers and heals me from the daily/nightly recurring demonic attacks of oppression and manipulation that I have been experiencing. Please pray that God gives me favor with the judge tomorrow in court to be released as guardian of my half-sister's children. Thanks, Ann

Ann / August 8nd, 2010

My friend David Hendrix has gotten over 107 people saved since the end of May this year. He has been in the hospital twice and is in now for chest pain. His leg was damaged by an accident at work, and was put out of commission. I believe it is just an attack of the enemy for getting so many souls out of hell. Some of those people were in line to go to horror movies. (he works in a movie theater) Please pray with me for this man of God. He gets poems and songs every day from the LORD and is an anointed prayer warrior. He just needs some extra covering right now. thank you. Carol.

Carol Nemitz / July 7th, 2010

Prayer request for Matthew,involved in family violence, abuse and drugs. Needs protection and favor to get out of cituation. Baby christian wanting a better life. need deliverance, financial help and transportation. Relocate with job.

An anonymous requester / June 6th, 2010

I want the Father Love and Power to over taking me to the limit i can handle. I need miracles in my life and humble heart so i can remember. Amen! Thanks

Eden Louis / June 6th, 2010

I need a strong move of God in my life. I want to experience the Father to the fullness of his will. I want a heavenly experience, whatever God have in store for my family and I; I want it. Also help me pray for a financial freedom and humbleness and humility.

Eden Louis / June 6th, 2010

About every two to three months I am sick again with asthma. this has been going on since I moved to Texas years ago. I get so depressed because many plans have to be canceled and I feel so lost. I know the Lord but do not know what I feel anymore, I will be 69 in August. Please keep me in prayer.

Lori / June 6th, 2010

Prayer, for a wounded heart,to heal.Lord help me to accept things I cant change. Help me not to be vunderable,help me to accept who I am, and who you have ordained for me to be.Give me Godly wisdom and understanding, not with a carnal mind, the mind of Christ,with his favor and mercy. I ask God to forgive me, of my sins and make me whole and saintified, through His grace and mercy. Amen

An anonymous requester / June 6th, 2010

Prayer request for Matthew,May have heat stroke; on his way to hospital.Not used to higher altitude,worked all day outside digging post holes.Got overheated head feels like it will explode. Please,pray hospitals far away.Very serious Thank you

Deborah Buchanan / June 6th, 2010

Pray for Paul and I we will be taking a trip for resting and getting in the secret place with God.

Pastor Joyce Duplantis / June 6th, 2010

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