SUNDAY, September 20, 2020, the Year of Our Lord

Pastor Carolyn Sissom


Psa. 136:12: With a strong hand, and with a stretched-out arm: for his mercy endures forever.


Jer. 32:17: Ah Lord GOD! behold, you have made the heaven and the earth by your great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee:




How can anyone miss that God is moving with a mighty hand and a stretched-out arm?


Wildfires! Hurricanes! Riots-Shooting-Murder!  4.5 magnitude earthquake in Southern California!  Big-Ten College Football to resume games! Signing of Abraham Accord! Battle over mail-in-voting! Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies!


The Lord blessed me in His Word this past Tuesday from Psalm 82 with the sovereignty of God’s verdict of judgment on corrupt judges who are not ruling in righteousness.


Mark Taylor prophesied that Donald J. Trump will appoint five supreme court judges.  He has already appointed two and now a third will be appointed.  Unless God moves sovereignly to affirm this nomination, there will be an escalation of rioting, murders, and destruction.  It is the responsibility of the Church to bind the forces of civil unrest.   It is the responsibility of the Church to pray for God’s righteous judges to be appointed.  Mark Taylor also said God’s choice has nothing to do with left or right.  The Supreme Court will swing to righteousness by God’s hand  God is overturning the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe vs. Wade.  He also stated that Roberts has been compromised and will have to be removed.  After the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there will be two more resignations due to scandal.


The mighty hand and stretched out arm of the LORD is overturning our entire justice system. 


In Psalm 82, Asaph received a vision of the Court of Heaven where and when God has already judged the Judges and Rulers of the earth.  “Scripture cannot be broken.”  There is no shadow of turning in God, so His declaration of judgment stands through all generations. 


          Not listening to true justice.

         Corrupting what is right by judging in favor of the wrong.

         Not defending the poor and fatherless

          Nor do justice to the afflicted and needy. 

God gives his verdict and the sentence is death.  This is a powerful Word of God and I believe we can stand before God and ask him to judge the mighty-ones of the earth and bring justice not only to our nation, but the nations of the earth.


82:1-2: -(T.P.T.)  All rise!  For God now comes to judge as he convenes heaven’s courtroom!  He judges every judge and rules over every ruler!  Saying, how long will you judges refuse to listen to the voice of true justice and continue to corrupt what is right by judging in favor of the wrong?


God’s judgment is the pouring out of His love, mercy and truth to our nation that we will fulfill the destiny of nations.  We have asked him to overturn the wickedness in our government and our nation.  He is moving by his mighty hand and outstretched arm.


Simultaneous to the judgments and overturning, the LORD is releasing to His anointed a greater weight of his glory.  


Psalm 85:1-2 (T.P.T.-paraphrased):  Lord your love has poured out so many amazing blessings on our land!  You are restoring our destiny from captivity of Islam, Communism, Socialism, Atheism and every other “ism.”  You have forgiven our many sins and covered every one of them in your love…Bring our nation back to loving you, God our Savior.  Restore our hearts so that we will never again feel your anger rise against us…Revive us again, O God!  I know you will!  Give us a fresh start!  Then all your people will taste your joy and gladness.  Pour out even more of your love on us!  Reveal more of your kindness and restore us back to you!   


Friday, I started reading James Maloney’s book, The Panoramic Seer.  I want to share how God visited him and “descended” on him with the anointing of Christ ministering in Him and Christ healing the people:


Paraphrased: “I was speaking in a conference.  Sitting on the platform during praise and worship, a thought rose up out of my spirit.  I asked Jesus a question:  Is there anyway, Lord to minister just like You.  Can that happen by God’s grace and wisdom?  Can I be so totally yielded to You and Your Spirit that when I stand up to minister, it would be like You were literally standing here ministering instead of me?


When I stood behind the pulpit and opened my mouth to speak, I was awakened to a heightened sense of reality.  All of a sudden, I entered into a lifting experience where I was caught up in the Spirit.  I was aware of my surroundings, I saw the congregation, but it was like I was looking at myself from outside myself.  I felt an anointing ascend and rise up out of my spirit-man.  At the same time, I felt an anointing from heaven descend and merge with mine. It was as if I were cocooned in a complete bubble of God’s authority.  My spirit’s own anointing (from Him initially anyway) was immersed and surrounded by Christ’s ministry anointing.  I was lifted up.


I was watching myself teach the Word and preach the message, but I couldn’t discern what I saw saying.  It almost seemed as if my lips moved of their own accord, completely yielded to the Spirit’s utterance.  I was able to watch the people’s response.  There was a “watering” element that was going out to them.  They were being fed by the Word.  It was producing different responses.  Some were sobbing, weeping as the Word inwardly healed them.  The Word was transforming them.  Some were intoxicated in the Spirit as an oil of gladness filled them to the brim.   Their faces shone with the light of the word…


I didn’t speak very long.  I stepped off the platform to minister in prophesy and word of knowledge… The prophetic utterances were extremely specific.  The prophetic itself created an environment for miraculous healings.  It appeared that everyone was healed.  Deformities from birth instantly mended, broken bones snapped into place with audible crackles and pops; tumors disappeared.  All from the prophecies themselves coming forth.


The prophetic mingled and flowed perfectly with words of knowledge, words of wisdom.  Destiny was released among the people.  Callings and passions were confirmed.  Clarity of direction was established.  Giftings were quick-started by the spoken word of the Lord.  The people burned with new enthusiasm and fervor.


Many people could see the purplish cloud of glory that swirled above our heads, covering over us as I laid hands upon them.  Waves of unique fragrances would wash over the crowd, and we would all breathe deeply of some scent of heaven, like fresh flowers and sweet incense.  In the distance, many heard a slight crackling, rumbling sound, like rolling thunder moving through the congregation.


People fell under the power of the Spirit without me touching them…Everything was happening that the people needed, none were neglected or untouched that I saw.  The Spirit was moving everywhere, simultaneously touching this one, healing another, speaking to another, all at once.  Yet, everything was done decently in order, orchestrated flawlessly and effortlessly.  What was so refreshing was the ministry was very easy and relaxed; it was all so simple, but not trite.  About an hour and a half later, I felt the work was completed, nothing else needed to be done…I was inside myself again.


 My heart cried out in desperation for that zeal to consume me…Immediately I was caught up to heaven…It was like a movie screen outside my mind that opened up…I did not “see” this in my brain---it was outside my mind’s eye.  I saw this externally with my real eyes.


I was instantly in heaven.  The room I was standing in was directly adjacent to the throne room of the Father.  I didn’t see the throne room, but this antechamber alone was enough to make my jaw drop open.  Twelve circular pillars surrounded the room on two sides, twenty-four total.  These pillars were ornately carved and etched beyond any human description.  The pillars alone were beauty manifested, encrusted with the richest, largest jewels and gemstones.


I looked down to where I was standing, and the floor blew me away.  It was see-through.  The scripture in Revelation 15 came to my mind.  I was looking on a sea of glass mingled with fire.  The floor was clear as crystal with a slight bluish hue, but under the glass were crackling flames of fire mixed all through it.  You could see down on earth, like watching a television, but almost like you were right there.  Then I noticed the people…Somehow, I knew there were one thousand saints of God sitting on the floor, looking down through the sea of glass, and they were viewing the service I was just at.  They were permitted to watch me preach and minister.  I recognized two or three of them.  These were instrumental in the first few years of my spiritual development.


I asked the question, ‘Was I yielded to You, Jesus, so much so that it was as if You Yourself were ministering to the people?  When I asked the question, the people stood to their face and faced me.  They looked at me for a few seconds, and then---they applauded” (James Maloney – The Panoramic Seer)


I want to pause in Brother Maloney’s testimony here to say his vision of the sea of glass gave me some revelation to a vision I had of the sea of glass not too long after we moved to Texas. 


I was praying in the family room, and I saw clearly that I was standing on a sea of glass with fire burning under it.  If I remember correctly, there were only a few people in the distance and they had harps in their hand.  End of vision given to Carolyn Sissom


Rev.  15:2: And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.


I wrote  in a sermon March 7, 2010, the fire has brought forth the perfection of the saints.  This is the victory of the redeemed referred to as the angels sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb.  These are sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ, worshiping Him in Spirit and Truth, they are strong in their praise of God; they live and speak the message to the whole world. 


Those who overcome are standing before the heavenly throne.  They hold harps given to them by God.  Van Tanner states “harps represent victory over carnality.  This is the victory referred to in chapter 4 of those who have been perfected by the process of growing in Christ…Their spoken witness of the revelation is a harp (Rev. 14:2) by which these messengers begin the time line of the judgments of God…Harps represent the revelation voice of God given to those who have received the revelation” (The Seven Thunders of God by: Van Tanner).


I recommend the book of Brother Maloney’s testimony of how the LORD took him in physical weakness and uses him with an assigned angel to heal and prophesy to the people.  I am skipping ahead in his story to use his words to describe the anointing of the descending of the Spirit of God as the ministerial anointing of Christ mingles with our own.  All anointing personal and ministerial is only Christ’s anointing.  In ourselves, we have no anointing apart from what He entrusts to us.


Colossians 2: 9-10:  In Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.


1.       The anointing breaks yokes of bondage.

2.      The anointing brings insight.

3.      Gives authority.

4.      Brings material blessing.

5.      Establishes effective ministry.

6.      Power for victorious living.

7.      Means of knowing the truth.

8.      Vital to the ministry of the believer, but it must be cultivated.

9.      Releases us from intimidation.

10.  Makes us bold to ministers as Jesus ministered.

11.  It is the authority and power delegated to the followers of Christ.


We learn to be wholly centered on the Lord (not the circumstances we are believing to change or the person we are ministering to.)  It is all His anointing, power and authority; and it is Him who ministers, with us being an empty conduit for His power to flow through by His mighty hand and outstretched arm to heal, deliver and restore righteousness to our nation.


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries Church


Scripture from K.J.V. and T.P.T. – I entered into the labors of Apostle James Maloney, The Panoramic Seer; quotation from The Seven Thunders of God. Van Tanner.   


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