March 21, 2022 #69

Word for Pastor Carolyn Sissom through Roxanne Alexander @ River Oaks Houston Aglow Lighthouse


“There’s a crowd coming.

There’s a crowd coming because they want the truth. They want the truth.

There’s a crowd coming.


I (ah ah) see like every seat filled, every seat filled, and (ah) like ushers are – having to help get people to-to sit.  They’re helping people get seated because they are going to come. Because they’re going – “we need, we need what you have.  WE NEED WHAT YOU HAVE!”   And so that’s opening up.


(ah) There’s an angelic assistance concerning your ministry right now.

There’s a sweeping.

There’s a sweeping.


(ah) There’s some that left and there’s a few that really need to come back. And then some that never need to come back, in Jesus’ Name.  But you are going to have (a) those that come back. They’re to going get in the right place this time.  They’re going to see. They couldn’t see before but they are going to get in the right place. But mostly new, mostly new people moving in, moving in.  And I see they are shoulder to shoulder, just shoulder to shoulder.  And I see a, a ball of flames going in your…going down your isles. (whew) In Jesus’ Name, thank you for it. Thank you for it Lord.


I hear the Lord.  I’m not seeing now, I’m hearing now.  The Lord says, Daughter every dream you’ve ever had I’m on your side and I will fulfill (hmm), I will fulfill in Jesus’ Name. Thank you for it Lord. Thank you for it.


There is a river running through your ministry and its Loud, it has sound.  It’s a LOUD RIVER and it’s a very clear river and it’s calling to people who want the truth. The whole world is crying right now.  But they are going to hear the truth. They’re hearing truth from you and they will be compelled to come in.

There are people who will be driving by and then will turn in there.  They will just turn in there…I don’t even know why I am here…and I like it …and they will stay, in Jesus’ Name. 

Thank you for it Lord.  Thank you for it.  Thank you for it Lord.  Thank you for it Lord.”

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