THE AVALANCHE – Vision and Prophecy Given to Apostle Tim Sheets

Presented to Eastgate Church to activate the Ecclesia

Sunday, July 24, 2022, the Year of Our Lord

Pastor Carolyn Sissom

Tim Sheets was given two visions of the night; one on 7/7/22 and 7/10/22.  The name of the Message is, “The Avalanche is Coming,” filmed and posted July 17, 2022. I am presenting this to the Eastgate Church because I believe it is a call to War for the Ecclesia.  It is a commission to engage in accelerated warfare. 

“We are in a war season which will be very fierce from now through the mid-terms” (Tim Sheets). 

Tim Sheets: “Two months ago, as I was praying, Lord, ‘what is next on your calendar,’ the Holy Spirit spoke: ‘Prepare for escalating warfare in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm.  An agitated spirit realm will stir violence in the natural realm.”  Four weeks ago, the Holy Spirit said, ‘My people will now enter a war season that will be very fierce through the mid-term elections. They must engage in the battle with prayer, faith decrees and worship warfare.  I will be sending fresh power from heaven to resource my remnant.  Fresh fire will be seen of the King’s glorious presence rising in their worship.  The functioning Ecclesia will rise to operate in higher realms of authority.  Its advances will be rapid.  Rapid strikes will come against hindering spirits, government tyranny and cultural systemic evil.  The world will see the deployment of heaven’s kingdom Ecclesia and angel armies.  This will suddenly and aggressively be revealed.  The world will see the fierceness of their battling against my kingdom and will be superseded by the fierceness of my wrath against their allegiance to Baal.  My fierce deployment will now be seen.  Five-fold ministries will engage together against demon motivated conflict.    The saints will engage. My church will engage.  My intercessors will deploy on strike-missions against Hell’s dominion.  Angels of Glory will deploy on their strike missions.  Special-forces angels are deployed on their strike missions.  The battering realm angels have been deployed to come against the iniquitous roots of Baal in the White House.  There were four battering-ram angels.  They asked the Ecclesia to declare “proceed.”   They have now begun their strike missions.  The striking powers of my kingdom will activate.  Strikes by my kingdom warriors will increase with dramatic effect on those whose hearts are set toward evil.   Do not fear the war season.  Anticipate the victory for the strong-holds of Hell will be broken by these deployments.  Iniquitous roots will wither under this superior power.     Hell’s strategy will collapse under my Ecclesia’s delegated authority.  Justice will be administrated in my name.”

2 Co. 10: 4-6: Amplified:   The weapons of our warfare are not physical weapons of flesh and blood, but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds. Inasmuch as we refute arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the true knowledge of God; and we lead every thought and purpose away captive into the obedience of Christ.  Being in readiness to punish every (insubordinate) for his disobedience, when your own submission and obedience are fully secured and complete.

The true New Testament church is to use mighty spiritual weapons of prayer, of decrees, of worship warfare to destroy and overthrow antichrist strongholds.  Utterly defeat them, put an end to it.   K.J.V. says that our weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  The Church is called to demolish strongholds.  It is to engage and refute reasoning's against truth. Be ready to punish, bring discipline to every insubordinate disobedience, confronting it with truth, working to overthrow it with intentional actions. 

2 Co. 10:4-6: Passion Translation:  We don’t wage a military campaign employing human weapons, using manipulation to achieve our aims.  Instead, our spiritual weapons are energized with divine power to effectively dismantle the defenses behind which people hide.  We can demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God and break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God.  We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One.  Since we are armed with such dynamic weaponry, we stand ready to punish any trace of rebellion, as soon as you choose complete obedience. 

The Church’s spiritual weapons are energized by Divine power (God’s power) to dismantle the defense behind which people hide, organizations hide, teachers’ unions hide, evil counsels hide, and politician hide.  The church is to use these divinely empowered weapons to insist that those entities bow to King Jesus and if they refuse, work tirelessly to overthrow them. 

The real church is not some helpless, religious club. It is divinely empowered to prevail, to destroy the works of the devil; to do the same works as Jesus did; to lock doors or unlock doors; to bind things, or to lose things.  Christ is not building a bunker ed, cave-dwelling church that runs with their back toward the enemy.  As the warriors of our time motto is, “Front towards the enemy, eyes straight forward, swords unsheathed, weapons engaged and ready to avenge evil, taking back what the enemy has stolen.”  I have trained, groomed and called remnant warriors from every kindred tribe and nation.  Men and women born for this moment being charged with tenacious faith.  They are being anointed with aggressive boldness.  Dominion and authority have been set in their hearts.  They have a confidence. They are part of a confident and fierce army that Hell has not seen.  I have used pride and arrogance to again blind the “forever looser.”


My Esther’s’ have been moved into position!  Jael’s’ have tent pegs in their hands!  Debora’s’ are singing their war songs! David’s’ have loaded their slings! Gideons’ have chosen their 300!  Samsons’ are leaning against pillars!  Daniels’ are saying amen to prayers of deliverance.  Elijahs’ are shouting their rulings through Jezebel’s windows.  Josephs’ are now in the palace!  The Moses one’s are coming down from the mountain with fire in their eyes.   Abrahams’ have walked and claimed the land.   Jacobs’ have wrestled out their destinies!   Noah’s have built their arcs in the face of a jeering world!  Jeremiahs’ have declared my Word that uproots iniquity.  Angel armies have been repositioned into the earth.  I have my army.  I have my remnant.  I have my warriors.  I have divinely empowered their weapons.  My church will now begin to boldly move forward.  I will answer Hell’s challenge! I will answer the world’s mocking.  A new breed of ready-champions are hearing the sound of marching.  The battle will be engaged and great victories proclaimed by those renewed in fresh wind.  My Ecclesia will now engage in war.

  Dominators, liberators and terminators are running to the battle line.  As aggressive faith fills my champions.  Weariness and battle-fatigue will now be super-charged with supernatural strength.  You will have the supernatural strength of the living God surging through you.  There will be hunger to drive against the enemy.  A glorious, uncompromising army will now begin to move.  My signs, wonder miracles, miraculous power will reenforce them.  Angel armies will reenforce them.  I have determined to present myself a glorious church; not a dominated church.   My champions will now move forward in glory surges.  They will move in my power, authority, strategies.  They will move with my Holy Spirit fulness and purpose as my ruling body on earth.  They will restore, realign and reconnect America to its glorious roots.  They will be my congress on the earth.  They will stand for my cause.  This is not off in the distance.  This will happen in the next three months before or around the mid-term.  Something is happening.  It is amazing” (prophesied by Tim Sheets).   


Dreams July 7, 2022 and July 10, 2022:

Brother Sheets was walking toward the front of the White House in Washington D.C.  There was a big marquis built in front of the White House.  It was lit up: “Now Showing, Liar, Liar.”  There were two smaller signs on the right and the left of the larger sign. Both signs read, “Coming Soon, The Avalanche.”

In the dream, A guy comes up to him named Jerry.  The name means “tip of the spear; exalted of the Lord; who the Lord exalts; name of German soldiers of World War 2;” Holy Spirit spoke, “Soldier, a remnant which you do not know, these will be exalted of the Lord.  They are the Lord’s spear carriers.  The remnant is seeing these signs.”  I said to Jerry, “Why is the White House turned into a movie theater?”  He replied, “Those aren’t movies, haven’t you heard? liar, liar is a live show.” 

The dream shifted.   An Angel of the Lord appeared.  He was a communication angel under Gabriel.  He wore a blue sash and was a messenger angel under the Holy Spirit’s supervision.   The angel said, “the Ecclesia must go to the seven mountain/seven mountains. Take them there.  It is a spiritual mountain overlooking the White House.  There are barrier-beams built into the mountain like a ladder to protect the White House from landslide. The Ecclesia must go and remove those barriers.” 

The dream shifted again.  Tim Sheets is driving up the mountain in a Holy Spirit empowered work-van.  The sign on the van reads, “Ecclesia Response team.”  Coming up behind him were six other vans, again identified as “Response teams.”  #7 means complete –sent to completely destroy the barrier.  He saw a sign which read, “Avalanche area, stay out.”  Workers begin to work on the beams with blow torches.  It was a dirty and sweaty job.  Worker asks Tim, “How are we supposed to start the avalanche?”  Tim said, “I don’t know.” He picked up his phone and called the angel and asked him.  The angel said, “you are not supposed to start the avalanche, just remove the barriers.  The King will start the avalanche when the time is right.”  (End of Dream).

The Liar, Liar Show is about to be hit with the King’s Avalanche. Hear the Word of the Lord, “Ecclesia engage the barriers of Hell and the barriers made by man.”

 We decree they are dismantled with weapons of warfare that Jesus has divinely empowered the Ecclesia, for His name and His word are filled with uprooting power. We decree seven mountain strongholds are uprooted with the Lord’s supernatural power and superior authority.  In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we uproot demon fortifications that have protected seven mountain corruption. We uproot lying spirits bunker-ed in the White House and fed by hell-bent leaders.  This war season will see the uprooting power of our king. Roots of deception, theories, reasoning, arguments that have promoted social dementia will now be pulled up and destroyed.  As the Lord response teams, we destroy these strongholds.  Some of you are about to get assignments.  Some of you are going to hear a call deep inside to be part of a response team.  Decree the Word of the Lord.  Ecclesia, send your response teams to strike strongholds.  Hear the calling of your God.  Use the weapons I have divinely empowered and demolish positions of evil.  Overthrow ideologies that have rooted into your culture.  Refute them with bold truth, for I will empower you.  I am empowering you.  I am pouring forth irrefutable power to refute insane distortions of my ways to uproot and refute the confusing mindset of demons rooted into education, government, media, who have allowed their consciences to become seared.  The Lord says “you will see the confusion of the confused demolishing their own agendas as my Ecclesia stands in faith for my word.  It is uprooting season.  This war window will see the emerging of my great Ecclesia empowered with displays of my mightiness.  They will move in irrefutable power, discipling insubordinate disobedience; demolishing hell’s counsel in boardrooms; bringing demon thoughts in deranged minds to aimless blathering.  My Ecclesia will bring down the defensive hidings of the wicked and their plans, exposing, refuting and demolishing them.  They will exercise their prayer decrees and worship warfare that I have supernaturally empowered.  They will use their keys and unlock the cellar doors in the White House and the cellar doors on capitol hill revealing the underground root systems of iniquity pulling them down for demolition.  Root cellars will be open says the Lord in this war season.  You will now enter a fullness of time that I have planned.  The Liar, Liar live performance will be shown to the world and will come to an end; for coming soon is the avalanche.  I will shake seven mountains/mountains and my landslide will begin.  The mud they have thrown will become a mud flow that overthrows their power.  Ecclesia dismantle the protective barriers, activate your response team, activate your divinely empowered weapons.  

I will trigger the avalanche.  This war season. 

Prophecy given to Apostle Tim Sheets – filmed 7/17/22; Oasis Church

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