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Please pray for me for a spiritual breakthrough. I feel as if I have lost everything I once had in the Lord. I have battle depression and anxiety. Also please pray for my relationship with my daughter Julie to be healed. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you.

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2010

Please cover me in prayer and come against the enemy by pleading the Blood of JESUS over me. Declare that my life belongs to CHRIST, so that I have deliverance and protection in Jesus name and freedom from all oppression. That the spiritual would correspond into the physical realm. Please pray my body would be a vessel for the Holy Spirit, that He\'d give charge of His angels concerning me, and that His perfect will be done. Every area of my life is crumbling from my relationships, health, to my peace of mind and some other extremely difficult circumstances. Thank you for your prayers. Shannon

Shannon / May 5th, 2010

I\'ve committed to being a prayer partner again at Lakewood. It is such an honor to be used by God in any manner. :) However, I miss you guys. I hope to come be with you for a special event or something soon. I do have a prayer request. Again I am looking for work. The last job I had, decided to close their Houston office two weeks ago. I know God has prepared a place for me, and me for the place.... I just need to find it quickly! My desire is to be in the center of God\'s will for my life. Thank you for praying. Olivia

Olivia Asbell / March 3st, 2010

Please for me, I\'m having a little problem with my liver and having swelling problems. Thank you, God bless you Pastor Carolyn Paul and I love you\'ll

Pastor Joyce Duplantis / March 3th, 2010

I stood for 3 years for my marriage after my wife left. She filed for a divorce and is trying to bankrupt me. I need favor When I meet with her on 12.8 to try and Settle. Also I am in danger of loosing My job. I need to increase my production Or else. Thanks and blessings to you.

Rich / December 12rd, 2009

i am a licensed minister under eastgate ministries-broher Jesse Smith trying to get in touch with pastor carolyn sissom , been trying to reach you by phone . please contact me back by phone at 225-209-8505 OR by e-mail, much rather a personal phone call from pastor carolyn. in christ service, JESSE SMITH

jJESSE SMITH / November 11th, 2009

Please,pray for Justin Buchanan; Protection,needs and health;Closer walk, guide and keep him in your ways, Lord. Mother( Edith Adams) needs prayer; fibromalgia, severe pain in lower back and legs siatic nerves. Hardly walking in lot of pain. James Buchanan; is sick; prayer for quick recovery. Thank you, and God Bless you!

Deborah Buchanan / November 11th, 2009

My husband and me are looking for a good church home. A place where the presence of God dwells and a place that operates in the prophetic. I am also requesting justice in regards to a situation that occured in 2004. Blessings!

Deborah / October 10th, 2009

Please pray for mu imigrant status,I also love Daniel and desire to marry him

caroline / September 9th, 2009

I greet you in Jesus\' name. Please, I ask you to pray for my brother who just caught diabetes a few years after our other brother died of the same. My sister is also battling with sickle cell. My other brother needs fees for his University. My other brother has liver problems and my grandmother. My dad has had bone/joint problems. My mom and I have dental problems. Help pray for my lab. work. For two months it has failed to work out which threatens my job. I also need both physical and spiritual deliverance. I really want to serve the lord but I have this terrible fear and low self esteem. I and my husband need a house; we are really so squeezed up in a room which we can afford to rent. We are just waiting for God\'s deliverance. God bless you

Judith / September 9rd, 2009

Please pray for me as I am transitioning with the church that I belong to... My leadership won\'t guide me, I have no spiritual mother or father...in fact, natural parents are both deceased. I\'m spiritually dry, physically fatigued, emotionally drained and extremely alone (divorced since 1995 and no dates in over 7 years). The Lord and I spend much time together and I am honored to see deep things of the Lord in spiritual sight. The Lord showed me my marriage in a Heavenly visitation yet the man is pursuing someone else. I have faith in God but I also know that if there are more than one person involved that if one of the people chooses the wrong path, it impacts the entire outcome. Just ready to say Lord, I cannot keep on but also know with every fiber of my being that I absolutely CANNOT quit..... Please pray.... I get home from work and take a nap and wake up for a little while and then go back to sleep. Very rarely have I ever done this yet it is all I can do to put my day\'s work in and make it home before I fall asleep. Help me Please....

An anonymous requester / August 8th, 2009

Please pray for my husband to receive the batism of the Holy Spirit and for our financial crisis, for wisdom and knowledge and insight on how to handle financial freedom after restoration. Thanks for being there even f I do not know you in person.

Beuhla Roos / August 8th, 2009

Please keep me in prayer. I was in the hospital for 9 days with a hemogloben level of 4. Noraml is around 12. After 5 blood transfusions, I went up to a 9. The doctor said it\'s auto immune hemolytic anemia. The immune system gets confused and starts attacking the red blood cells. This is all a result of MONO! Once the mono is out of me, the counts should increase. I\'m on 100mg steriod right now. Please pray for rapid healing, wisdom for the doctor, and no side effects from the steroid. Thank you

Joanne / August 8th, 2009

I pray that what the devil has stolen will be returned 7 times. I pray that success comes to my husband\'s business, as it is God who provides income, not earthly means. I pray that love comes into my family, the kind of love that is everlasting and endures forever. I pray happiness, contentment, faithfulness arises out of each of my family members to proclaim \" that Jesus is Lord\". I pray that my grandson is healed of all delays in speech, cognition, brain function, emotions, etc... and he is made perfect and whole. As Jesus has already healed him on Calvary. That my daughter finds true Christian love and marries the love of her life, and father to her son. Their marriage is made in heaven. I pray my son finds God and lives his life for Him. I pray he graduates from college and honors his family. I pray that my husband and I can live our lives comfortably and without want well provided for in our years! I pray happiness comes into our lives never to leave us or forsake us, ever again. I thank God for His mighty provisions and for His love which supercedes all understanding. In Jesus\' Holy name, Amen. JJ

JJ / August 8th, 2009

pray for my grown children to leave the house they have opened the door to let the devil in their lives and our house because we have demons now in the house and around them and they are attacking me pray for a protective shield around my family and me. I am the only Christian

An anonymous requester / July 7nd, 2009

Dear, Lord i give you honor and praise and i always glorify you and all that you are and have done. Lord honestly i just don\'t know how to live this life. I keep hearing you say to call those things that are not as though they were and i do. I see no manifestation. You tell me to break out but god where do i go how do i go. I have trusted you i do have fait i see you do for so many others. God is not about things but it is about living fully and fruitfully as you have promised us life more abundantly. So god i come bodly with a clean new heart not holding on to pass let downs, pains, rejections or losses. I pray for healing, for heavenly realm being manifested in the earth realm for me to be a blessing for others. I believe that you are for me. But god please help me where you know i don\'t understand. Thank you prayer warriors for your labors and prayers. They are not in vain. Godbless you.

babygirl / July 7st, 2009

Please pray for our marriage and home. We are going through a difficult time of misunderstanding. There is leagalism, perfectionism etc which are working against us as husband and wife

Marriage / July 7th, 2009

Please pray for My mother in law, Mabel P. who recently lost her husband in May. She is heavily Roman Catholic. Pray that God will open Mabel\'s eyes to the truth of his grace. Pray that God will give her the revelation of who Jesus Christ is and draw her away from Idol Worship

An anonymous requester / July 7th, 2009

Pray for Paul and I and these churches

Pastor Joyce Duplantis / July 7th, 2009

i hope u can help me by praying for my relationship, my partner is seeing someone else and i want it to stop i cant take the hurt anymore, however he has been my true first love and i love him too much to end the relationship. i hope to get married to him but it is seeming unlikely as there is another woman involved what can i do i have prayed so hard but i am giving up please help me. he keeps telling me he doesnt know who to choose.

An anonymous requester / July 7th, 2009

Pray for the new york mets baseball club. It seems as if a curse is following this ball club with injuries to key players, including Carlos Beltran who is a born again believer. Pray for it\'s owner, Fred wilpon who lost millions of dollars in the madoff business scandal. Pray that Christians will infiltrate the mets organization.

An anonymous requester / June 6th, 2009

I have two prayer requests.. We are in the process of editing our first book. We need a printer for it as well as the wisdom into getting the book published. Pray for our church, as well; we are meeting in our living room and are looking for God\'s wisdom. thank you

Michael / June 6th, 2009

Please prayer for God\'s visitation in Panama, for special Manifestations of God\'s Power, for activation in the supernatural, for Signs, Wonders, and Miracles of God\'s Kingdom, for special financial blessings and prosperity experiencing the blessing of Abraham walking in God\'s power supernatural and God’s abundant provision experiencing the manifest Presence of God\'s in our lives. Please pray for me for miraculous health and my family: SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ in all Republic of Panama for Fresh anointing of God\'s Holy spirit, Holy Ghost Baptism and Salvation. We praise our God our Heavenly Father and our Lord God Jesus Christ Savidor and the sweet mighty Holy Ghost for His Unchanging Love, Grace and Power. May God bless you abundantly!. ... Angel Miguel Sanchez Rodriguez

Angel Miguel Sanchez Rodriguez / June 6th, 2009

Hi Would like to ask for prayer for a few things. I was just typing prevously and lost every thing, so am starting over). I would like to ask for prayer that the Lord would release dreams and visions and ability to have goals and plans to come to pass or be put into place). Also that I would be able to be at the top of a few of the Mountains that Lance Wallnu talks about. And a that I would have 3rd heaven visions and dreams. I also need a place to live on Friday for about 12 days and then in 3 weeks to know where the Lord wants me, a place to live provision for that and ( a house restored to me, debt free). With income coming in. Another prayer request is that my daughters would come back to the Lord on fire filled with the Holy Spirit and that our relationships be healed and restored, so that we can truly be a family and that we could minister together, but just that we could have fun together and have good memories, that their would be honor and dignity restored to me. And also my brothers be saved filled with the Holy Spirit and all of our relationships my daughters and my brothers, self be restored, that healing come soon. I think in all that Love would flow, his tangible presence felt and impacting and imparted to us all. Thank You LaVonne

LaVonne / May 5th, 2009

I am a bornagain christian..please pray for my family who is in the new age...Vic,Victoria,Vitt,Rose,Charles,Vaughn,Josh,Jesse,Ron,Carol,Vanessa,Glenn,Alan.Gayle,David Ralph,Tony Roxanne,.thank you and God bless...

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2009

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