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Three young men...(Wes Barker 28 of South Carolina, Chris Paris 22 or Tennessee and Patrick Murphey 20 of Canada) were flying for work over the jungles of Guyana when their plane went missing. it is now six months later and not one trace of men or plane has been found. I have prayed and asked any and everybody to pray but God has not given any answers or closure at all. My heart breaks for these moms as mother\'s day approaches. please please pray for all involved and let me know if God shows anything. We still believe in miracles! Thank you.

Liz Odum / May 5th, 2009

My son, Jason, had been unemployed for 9 months. Please agree in prayer that he gets the job that the Lord wants him to have. He needs this employment today. I know that it is not God\'s will for us to sit idle. The Bible says if we do not work, we should not eat. His stepfather needs to see the Lord open the doors so that Jason not only works but he is able to support himself from this day forth. We need this to keep peace in our home. Thank you. Kathy

Kathy / May 5th, 2009

Saints, please pray for my son T.Phillip. He needs to be delivered from drugs, he need a job, and pray for his marriage and his 2 yr. old son. He has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, but He is not Lord. He needs the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Yvette / April 4st, 2009

Dear Friends, please help me with your prayers for my healing. I have mighty roots-inflammation of my teeth. In the last time I have many problems with my teeth. Please help with your prayers for all of my body. I am 19 years christian but I fighting still. I need a breaktrough for my life. I am praying every day and love Lord Jesus. Thank you so much Blessings Agatha

Agatha / March 3th, 2009

Please pray for my son Shane and his ex-wife Dawn they were divorced in December. She had two affairs with two men who\'s children were friends with my grandchildren.We live in a small town and both affairs have caused so many problems with everyone involved. She says she is going to get married in April to the last man she had the affair with. This is probable best for my son, however she is trying to turn the youngest child away from my son. telling him what a wonderful man she is going to marry. Every week there is something that she gets up for him not to come to my son\'s house. My son has a small logging business has made her a good living, and always been a devoted husband and father. I can\'t understand how anyone can be so cruel. It is like a spirit takes control of her. The other man she was involved with tried to hang her in an old barn, just before she lost conscience she prayed and ask the Lord to be with her. The first person she called to come help her was my son. He took her father and went and helped her. For several months she was good it just didn\'t last long. I have prayed and prayed for her and the situation. Not because he is my son but he is a very good man, works hard,honest this has broken his heart and mine again. Sylvia

An anonymous requester / March 3th, 2009

My family is in desperate need of financial help, please pray that the Lord will give us clear direction on how to resolve this matter. Thanks and God bless you.

Daniel John Larson / March 3nd, 2009

Our 19 year old daughter Courtney has been accepted into two 4 year colleges to complete her final two years of her degree. One is a Bible college, Vanguard, and the other is Fresno State. The battle is of course her father and I would prefer her attend Vanguard, yet she is strongly leaning toward Fresno State, now that several of her close friends have also been accepted there . We want to guide her, yet ultimately let the Lord work in the decision making and have the victory. Please cover us in this area.

Rhonda / February 2th, 2009

Please pray for my son, Mark. He is going to have a stress test on Feb. 11. He has been having chest pains and trouble breathing. Thank you Frank

Frank Mordecki / February 2rd, 2009

that the fire and annointing of the Holy Ghost will rest uupon my life and ministry mightyly , that He will give me breakthroughs in all areas.

lawrence o ekeoma / January 1th, 2009

for my self to get past some areas in my life where I feel theres a strong hold of the devil to cause me to get over stressed and agnery to easly. I have really been excited about Jesus the last 4 or 5 years and on fire to serve but in the last six months I have felt just like snapping at people instead of wanting to be a servant. I feel that it might be a generational curse. I also have felt at times that I\'m just tired out totally and completly. I also have been seeking more of God. I have looked into trying to worship more and prayer. Even then I feel like I\'m striving and just not resting in the lord. I feel like I have given almost everything out and have been trying to receive back from God but some times I feel like my mind is just tired out from trying to keep my self up and I can get weary. I just want God to touch me so I can get that joy back and be that servant. I also felt that maybe some of the reasons was at the begging for years I was striving to prove God by giving and giving almost anything to God to see what kind of blessings he would powr out and I have seen a few but maybe my heart wasn\'t right. Some back ground about where I live is right next to the four corners area where Arizona, Utha, New Mexico, and Colorado come to one point. I live in Colorado. one side it what they call the sleeping Ute. theres quite a bit of witch craft from the ute tribe that goes on. the town I live is called cortez and theres been such a poverty spirit in this area not to many has really desant jobs. Its a farming community. I would love to see God touch this area and the county I live is called MOntazuma county, pluse a county right next called Dolores County. So if you could please pray for my self and also for this whole area. Ps the sleeping Ute is a Ute reservation area. The mountan is formed into a sleeping indian chief if you look on the interenet it will show the Ute mountan.

steve Periman / January 1th, 2009

Ya\'ll please pray for me, I think I am gone \"Middle Aged Crazy!! I want a horse, to ride up in out on the Little White Church meeting on the Prairie in Katy Texas! I believe it is either I have never \"grow up,\" or it is that horses are much safer than Harle Davidson Motorcycles...I thik? Well, at least the pray that I make the big round up in the Big Sky with the Father if I do just go on with this middle age craziness! Love you all, John Mark looking forward to seeing you April 26th!

John Mark Pool / January 1th, 2009

My Mother Elizabeth, had a stoke three and a half years ago and has not fully recovered. she had a seizure four days ago. Her blood pressure is 185/85, she\'s has arthritis. We are in great need of a miracle please pray. thanks, Mydea

Mydea Smith / December 12rd, 2008

-dear please pray about me and my brother god as he heal us from our sickness aswellas god as he protect and cuver me and my family from every dangrer and devil temptation specialy i have to mach problem in my work place they do not like me and they hate me -god as he fight and bind devil and his servants those who aginst me and my family aswellas aginst the will of god and aginst my blessings aswellas those who bind and fasten me and my family from the bigining until now and those who snach and hold all my s blessings from the bigining until now -god as he bring my wife in my home and as we meet and discuss about every thing -god as he bind and bring all my s blessings those stolen by devil and men from the bigining until now -god as he loosen every bondage ,fasten,occult,fear,sin,bad habit,grumbling,and from blasphamies words -god as he save lost souls in my family friends aswellas all my relativeas -god as he give me peace ,love,joy ,happiness,love from people,blessings and clear holy spirit guidance,voise and direction -god bless you richly

ammanuel temesgen / December 12th, 2008

Please pray for my son who is on drugs and he needs the Lord bad pray for me he has worried me so bad and pray for me to that the Lord would lead me to the right church or that the Lord would open up that church with the right man of God the one that has a vision for that church.

charlie mae higgins / December 12th, 2008

I am a married man with three grown children and for my whole life as long as I can remember I have been battling homosexual desires and temptations. I now suffer from Congestive Heart Failure and after seeing Barbie Breathitt on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” I believe this never ending temptation might be the root cause of my heart disease. Please pray for my deliverance from this stronghold and for the complete healing of my heart. Very early this morning I had a dream of very black clouds darkening the sky coming from the south east. I told my wife and a guest that we needed to go the basement and get ready for a huge storm, please pray that I receive Gods interruption of this dream.

An anonymous requester / December 12th, 2008

Dear Prayer Warriors: Something shifted in the spiritual atomsophere in Bee City that is not very good. We are getting three different reports that are rather discouraging news. 1. There has been very little prayers going up from Bee City, among the foreigners and also by the nationals for one reason or another. 2. Illnesses, stress attacks, household problems among the foreigners and national workers are disturbing their spiritual lives.3. One of our national worker is sliding away from walking with God. We need wisdom from the above to intervene all of the problems from far away. Most of all, we need God\'s glorious presence back into Bee City!(unreached people group in southern borneo of Indonesia) Please help us in the intercession with us during this time. If any of you have prophetic intercessory gift and hear God\'s words on this matter, we are very happy to hear from you. Thank you. God Bless! marjorie

marjorie yeo / December 12th, 2008

God would heal and cure Jerald from diabetes,high blood pressure, impotent and impotence, nerve damage, poor blood circulation, and back, neck, feet, legs, toes, hands, and all over body

Jerald and Sophia Hooper / December 12th, 2008

God would give Jerald, Sophia, Jessica, Alexander, Jason, Daisy, Carl, Eugene, and Mary more and more grace, grace, and more grace

Jerald and Sophia Hooper / December 12th, 2008

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ I have an urgent need of Prayer .I am looking for a job and have been for quite some time but nothing has come up so far and we have mortgages and bills pls pray for me God bless Makda

An anonymous requester / November 11th, 2008

declare and decree that my mother and her children and her childrens children until the Day of the LORD are delivered set free our hearts apprehended by JESUS CHRIST impassioned by HIS hearts desires for HIS KINGDOM as vessels of honor to HIS delight to be wells of unending living water in our communities and areas of influence to discern with wisdom love as HE LOVES obeying at HIS COMMAND that in that DAY we will have served HIM completely as HE DESIRED THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS ON OUR BEHALF MAY YOU CAUSE HIS FACE TO SMILE OVER HIS OWN SINCERELY TERRI GIFFORD

terri gifford / November 11nd, 2008

Carolyn, I am writing to ask for many many prayers. I am going through some very trying times right now. And have to say that I am lost. I question everything to do with any and everything in my life. I question because I just can not understand why it is one person can be faced with so many trials daily .With each new day more added to the old ones.I thought I had started down a new path afew months back. I was working two jobs and started getting full time medical care at UTMB in Galv. Was put on Chemo pills for my Lupus . The old apartments I lived in finely was looking to have a brighter side to them.We got new owners. Well no that was not going to be the good side of it at all.Nothing was fixed and then we got the storm IKE and like many others we had major damage. I was not able to leave because I did not have the money too and of course my car is still not repaired. SO we rode the storm at .I was never so scared. And just prayed and prayed and God took care of patrick & I.But as time went by the owners refused to do the repairs and the roof damage caused the ceiling to fall down. And the Cheif of police and Building inspeactor said we had to move out. SO I prayed and searched and found this very small Eff. apartment .So we moved in here Oct 1st. Oh my goodness..It is about he same as what we moved out of. This lady is a night mare.The second week here we were woke up at 1:30 am to a Electrial Fire.Caused by our apartment. Under the meters is a metal box that holds the wires for this whole building. It was burning . SO the lady said she can not get it repaired and we need to move.There is not any place here to move into .Not any that I can afford.I do not make enough money to have Rent , Dept. all at once.Plus my son Patrick is in 12th grade here in Needville High School.I hate having to move him out of this school. He is in the top 10 of his class. And is being offered quite afew deal from colleges.SO with all of this and the storm damage I also lost both jobs I was working .They were wiped off the face of the earth. So I started a job that doesnt pay me enough.The man only gives me 24 - 25 hours aweek and 6.55 a hour. But I took it because it something coming in weekly. I worked 24 hours and only got 157.20 for my 1st paycheck.He held back the 1st week.Carolyn I know I can not make ends meet on this. I have applied at other jobs even had interviews but have not heard back from anyone again. But it looks like we will be putting the rest of our things into storage and living out of our car. Because I can not afford to pay for anything right now. I am just unsure of just what it is I am suppose to do now.My rent here is 450 a month but I still have bills to pay form the other place .plus new ones here now. We moved in Oct 1st. I still owe a 50 dept. here.But now the lady claims we need to move because of the wiring. Please pray for us..If you know of a job please let me know.Our mailing address is the same as what you have for me. But we have a new phone number I will give it to you at the end of this email.Last year at this time I was struggling .Faced with everything and the Holidays on top of it all . Well they are back .The Holidays. I struggle with them . I miss my husband so much and my parents and grandparents which are all in Heaven.SO the Holidays are so hard for me .I am so depressed and now the thought of the Holidays are beginning to get to me.I came out when Ras and Bev was there . It was me and friend. I just love them both.. I know them from living in the Dallas area.So let me end this with saying .I hope you and everyone are all well. God Bless, Linda Buckley

Linda / November 11st, 2008

Iam asking you to stand with me for my 8 children 5 grands for divine intervention. I am so heavy hearted and grieved in spirit. Too many years of abuse and sorrow. I need the Lord to show me that those children are brought to the cross no matter how he does it . Some one got away with many years of abuse, witchcraft, hurting, and our lives have been shipwrecked. I spent 33 years on an Indian reserve where my children were born and Jesus took me and (Jesse12) too another state and culture to keep us safe and from falling away. There had been witchcraft, drugs abuse(sexual, mental, and physical. I am asking Jesus to stop Arnold from Leading those chilren into Indian religion and witchcraft. Whatever it takes to bring him to his knees to say Jesus forgive me and save me. He needs to be intercedeing for them instead of destroying their lives. One time he said to me-Iwanted to bring you home, kill you and send your soul to hell. Jesse and I are doing our best to adjust to this culture and live for Jesus but people see us as odd. Pray for us. Children are as follows: Angie, Justin, Sarah, Joshua, Arny, Micah, Jesse. Erin and dad Arnold have accused each other of putting witchcraft on each others homes because demonic activity was going on and I felt it so did Jesse. We knew enough to Plead Jesus blood. We love Jesus. In his love-Peggy

peggy and jesse / October 10th, 2008

-dear please pray about me and my brother god as he heal me and my brother from our sickness aswellas god as he protect and cuver me and my family from every danger and devil temptation specialy i have tomach problem in my work place they donot respect me -god as he fight and bind devil and his servants those who against me and my family aswellas against the will of god and aghainst my blessings and those who bind and fasten me from the bigining until now and those who snach and hold all my s blessings from the bigining until now -god as he bring my wife in my home and as we meet and discuss about every thing -god as he bind and bring all my s blessings from the bigining until now -god as he save lost souls in my family and my friends those who donot now jesus christ as there savior -god as he loosen every bondage ,fasten,occult and fear aswellas sin from me and from my family aswellas from one of my friend -god bless you richly

ammanuel temesgen / October 10th, 2008

Please pray for me as a husband. My wife is a beautiful woman. But she is also a perfectionist. the littlest things about any situation or a person, or myself that she is upset with, she lets me know. Everything has to be just right for her, or she is not happy. I cannot drive, dress myself, do the yardwork,etc without her commenting on the littelest thing that goes awry. This is driving me to sadness. I do not believe in divorce or separation. But our home has become extremely rigid and legalistic. Please pray for me as a husband. I need intercession and wisdom. I am at an impasse.

Michael / October 10nd, 2008

Hi Wonderful Blessing\'s in the Lord, Will you pray for what direction the Lord wants me to do in my life! Mark and I are talking about me going back to work somewhere and would like to work where the Lord want\'s me to so I can do a good job for the Lord and would like to be a blessing for the Lord in their company as well as for my family.The Lord know\'s what is the best thing to do and I want to follow his plan for all our lives.Thank you for your prayers and support.Be blessed in the Lord.Sonya

Sonya West / September 9th, 2008

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