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Patrik I `m 36 y. My name is Hi ! and I `m maried. Could you pray for us , please . We have a Propethic Calling . We would like the Lord to reveal unto us a new dimension in his word of wisdom ,Healing revelation and knowledge . So pray for the Lord to unleash a greater apostolic anointing and understanding into our Spirits .Please also pray that God give us dreams and visions like Daniel and Hesekiel! Please I hawe skype my name is eagle_Patrik ok

Patrik / September 9th, 2008

to help me get into texas womens univeristy nursing program and to help pay for school.....

Aaliya Sophia Mohammed / September 9th, 2008

My mom Lauraine\'s healing-she is 77 and has various health conditions. That I would be totally filled with the Holy Spirit. That signs, wonders, and miracles would follow me for the Lord\'s Glory. That God would also give me a wife. Also pray for me as the Holy Spirit leads.

An anonymous requester / August 8th, 2008

I have been a Christian for 16 years and I do not know God the way that I believe I should. I am frustrated in my vain attempts to know the Master and to hear His voice in my heart. I have made many mistakes and I know that the Spirit of God wants to lead me into all truth but it seems as though there are walls between me and the presence of God that He wants me to experience. I need to know God in these last days, it seems as though I am desperate. I need to move into that supernatural realm God wants us to live in. Please pray that these walls come down and I step into the loving relationship God desires me to walk in. I need to know God.

Jerry / August 8th, 2008

iam confused,worried about the will of god in my life.iam desperate pls pray

jinu thomas joseph / August 8th, 2008

Please pray for our finances. Our truck was repossessed this morning(our only vehicle). I am losing hope.

An anonymous requester / August 8th, 2008

Dear beloved pastor in christ, Greeting in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ, I am pastor stephen john and i have church ministry work in pakistan. God has choosen me and my wife for the salvation work and we are preaching the word of God here in pakistan. Thanks be to God for all the blessings. We want to bring revival in pakistan and save many souls for the glory of God. I am requested to you please pray for my family and my ministry. God bless you and your ministry. Love in christ, pastor stephen john from pakistan.

pastor stephen john / August 8th, 2008

Please pray for my husband\'s salvation. Also, if you would, pray that I be an effective witness in my home and that God helps me run after him with all i got and then some.

Pam / August 8th, 2008

Please pray for my niece Sarah(19years). She has been sick for almost two years with serious digestion problems. She has been to many Doctors and had several diagnoses but she is still sick. Please intercede for her salvation and healing.

An anonymous requester / August 8rd, 2008

Please keep myself and my wife Tanya Williams, and children in prayer as we endeavour to do the whole counsel of the Lord. And that we be found worthy to participate in this end time ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophet: Nathaniel E. Williams / July 7th, 2008

Please pray for deliverance for Anthony xyzWebb and for Joseph xyzKaroses Thank you and Praise the Lord!

Barbara xxxBigelow / July 7th, 2008

Praise my Lord and Savior for the healing He has done in my life. Pray that the shadow of broken heartedness would leave me. That I would come under full surrender to the relational idolatry I struggle with. Pray that I would daily surrender my heart, my soul, my mind and my all to Him, that the Lord would give me a heart to love Him more than anything..that the desire of my heart would be for Him first... before anything else.

An anonymous requester / July 7th, 2008

I have a praise report. Just wanted to bring everyone up to date on the outcome of Aaron\'s pretrial. He decided that he would take the plea bargain that was offered to him. He was sentenced to \"life without parole\". He had to say that he was the one that shot and killed the man. He did not do it but he had to say he did in order to get the deal. There is another young man who was charged with capital murder as well. Both of these young men hAve small children. Aaron was moved to Huntsville as soon as our family finished our visit with him. He left the jail before we did. Aaron\'s attitude was really good. On Sunday when I visited him he was talking to me about how he was going to have to allow God to work in this, that he knows he can\'t fix it, only God can . He made the comment that he knows that he was wrong in participating in breaking into this man\'s house and that now he has to accept the fact that he has done this to himself and that he knows he has hurt a lot of people. Aaron has been in jail for 2 yrs and all this time he would not allow me to talk to him about God and His love.......Now he is starting to listen. Praise God. Now healing can begin.

Brenda Connor / July 7th, 2008

I previously posted a prayer request about my grandson going to trial. We are in the midst of pretrial and this has been going on for almost a month now. It does not appear that the judge is going to suppress the statements that Aaron made. I shared this info in prayer request I posted here a few weeks ago. Aaron is holding out for a trial and he is not wanting to accept the offer that the DA gave him. He has since made a statement that named names and told specifics about the case. This statement can cause this whole thing to turn around in his favor but there has to be evidence to substantiate this statement. The attorneys investigator has one week to find this evidence. There is also another prisoner in the jail where Aaron is; that has made statements against him that can really hurt his case. We are also trying to get info on him that will disqualify him as a credible witness. Please pray that God will move and that the evidence we need to substantiate his last statement will be found before next Monday.

Brenda Connor / June 6th, 2008

Dear in Christ, Recently I listened to international evangelist who in his over forty years of serving Christ has seen thousands of people released from shadow of curse when he and those people prayed. He taught, anyone could be released from the spirit of curse when we pray, repudiate the spirit of the curse and call on the name of Christ who redeemed us from any curse \"by becoming a curse for us.\" Can you, please pray intercessory prayer for may family: my wife Barbara, daughter Aneta, her husband Pavel, and their two children – Natalia and Kuba. For several years they experience painful situations, mostly sickness - each of the family, one after another, beck and forth – it is like a vicious circle. It could come from the many swear-words, curse words that were spoken in the past by some relatives of the family. If you know someone who in power of Christ deals with spiritual bondage, repelling unclean spirits and/or healing, please let me know. May Lord bless you and yours, Ted Tomal tedt25@yahoo.com

Ted / June 6th, 2008

Please pray for my father (David). He has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer with cancer in the lung and a small spot that has spread to a rib. The doctor said the cancer is growing and the Chemo has not been helping. Lets just say the words from the doctor were not good. They are trying another expensive drug which they got insurance to pay for it. Though the word from the doctor was not good, I know the WORD of GOD says my dad is going to be just fine (1 Peter 2:24). Please pray for the complete healing of my father from cancer. Pray that the cancer shrinks and dies and my father lives. Also, pray for my mother and the rest of the family. It has been tough on them. Pray that God will lift them up and that they will not lose faith but continue to be positive and believe. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. Nathan Fry Lafayette, Indiana

Nathan Fry / June 6th, 2008

Just wanted to give God praise. My Grandson went to court today. They were in court for 8 hours and it was set up for a continuance on the pretrial as the judge has not made a ruling on whether or not he will do a change of venue or supress the statements and the confession that my grandson made. We feel that this move of the judge means that he needs more time to decide because he isnt sure what to rule on this matter. Please continue to pray that God will give this judge wisdom in his decision. As well as for his protection while he is in this jail.

An anonymous requester / June 6th, 2008

My grandson is going to be going to trial later this summer. On WEd of this week the judge will be announcing his decision as to whether or not he will suppress the statements and any confessions that were made by my grandson. He made these statements without any attorney being present and it appears that he was coerced by the officers questioning him. There were about 5 different rights that were violated by the officials because there was no legal representation for him. Please pray that God will lead this judge to suppress these statements as evidence. They are also trying to manipulate him into coping a plea of guilt by threatening to take his son and put him into foster care. Pray that he will stand strong against this manipulation. We believe that going to trial is really the best way of dealing with this whole situation but I know that the best thing is to stand back and allow God to have His way in this matter; and I know that we have to be in Gods will in order for it all to glorify Him. That is what I want; for the truth be revealed and that we all bring glory to God and to be in HIs will. At this time my grandson does not want to hear anything about God or HIs love.....from what he has told me it is because he is feeling a lot of shame and that he is not worthy of going to God. Pray that he will become open to hearing about Gods love and forgiveness and that he will be willing to receive Gods love and forgiveness.

An anonymous requester / June 6rd, 2008

Hi, Greetings in Jesus name. I need prayer for a certain situation in my life. I had started courting a girl and we took the matter to our pastors who were very happy. A couple of people gave us words which said that we were not supposed to be together. A few months ago before I met Carrie, I had a dream that I was at my wedding rehearsal dinner and I walked to the girl I was getting married to and it all made so much sense in the head as she was educated and had a god job etc. But when I approached her I did not feel the spark or passion and I walked away from my own rehearsal dinner. So I told this dream to one of the person who gave us the word that we were not to be together and she said that was confirmation of the word. But in our hearts we never felt that peace and so we talked to our pastors who said let go and if God brings it together @ a later stage, so be it. My other pastors said that keep this matter on the altar and let God have his way. With this advice both of us were happy and we kept it on the altar. As time went along we did come back together and were giving ourselves some more time to wait it out, instead of rushing. She was also sure that I was the one and she was waiting on me to hear from God. Recently we went a random lady walks upto her at a christian meeting and gives her a word that her leg is twisted and stopping her from walking out the destiny that God has for her. So immediately after that word she tells me we need to stop seeing each other and I should not influence her desicion. And I agreed to that and told her to take her time and dont let anything affect her walk with God and I told her I can wait. The following day she meets up with some friends of hers and she tells them of this word. One of the girls tells her I prayed for you and I think that you two are not supposed to be together. Now this friend of hers is going through some relationship issues and I cannot trust her emotional aspect of this. She calls me up the next morning and tells me I love u, but I dont think God wants us to be together. She is seeking prophetic words and validation from people to make sure that if its the right thing to do. She never even bothered to ask me what I think about this and just says its done. In all this I am still waiting on God and I have let go and if God wants to bring it back let Him. Though it feels that my heart is broken, in some place there is still hope that things will be allright. So I do need prayer that I dont feel that hurt and am able to do the things I need to without thinking much about her and all these things. Also if you could pray that she sees and understands perfectly well what is the right path for her life. Personally I think the timings not right so I am ready to wait it out and let God make it clear in the days to come. But becasue of the way she has done things, these inconsistencies worry me and I need to know if its the right thing and also that my heart should not be hardened to her because of the way she has treated me and this whole issue. So please do pray as I have no idea even how to pray regarding this issue for both of us. Its very difficult emotionally as I do not know if I need to hold on or walk away from her, though I have let go and trust God to do the best concerning me. So any advice in this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you, Love and Prayers

An anonymous requester / May 5th, 2008

Undergoing chemotherapy & radiation therapy for rectal cancer. Requesting prayer for healing and protection of all normal cells/organs.

Carol Miller / May 5th, 2008

Please pray that God would heal an infection in my body. I had a UTI infection that had gotten pretty bad before I could get an appointment with my dr and it cause me to have boils or infected hair focials under my right arm. I have had so much antibotics that my stomach is so stressed from them that I cannot take them anymore without it burning my stomach, intestins and even my rectum. I cannot not take them anymore but the infection needs healing.I asking for a supernatural miracle from the true Healer, Jesus thank you for praying for me, Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones / May 5th, 2008

Please help us pray for our brother and sister, NELSON AND MARYLOU VALMORES. Pray also for RAMON FAMILY. They are our faithful partner in the Kingdom of God here in the Philippines. May the Good Lord Bless your ministry.

elvie e. caanawan / May 5th, 2008


mary lou / May 5st, 2008

DEAR SISTER IN CHRIST. KINDLY PRAY FOR ME. I’VE MANY DIVERSE PRAYER REQUESTS.KINDLY read over and PRAY FOR EACH . 1) Kindly pray for the salvation of my father and brother. 2) Kindly pray for my father(K.C.JOHN) who’s addicted to smoking for the last 30 years. Only jesus can set him free. Kindly pray for his health too. 3) Kindly pray for my brother (LIJU JACOB JOHN,(enginner). He’s planning to enter into business like my father. Actually my parents like him to remain in IT field itself. But my brother wishes to start a new business in Muscat with my father’s help. So my father is searching for a new accommodation, and everywhere the rent has been doubled. Kindly pray for the needs, and for the success of this matter. My father is investing all his savings into it…all his earnings, so I really wish that there shall be only gain and no loss in his investment, income and savings. 4) Kindly pray for my husband (SUSHEEL JOHN VARGHESE), for a complete success in his PhD work and for the complete healing of his bad cholesterol. 5) Kindly pray for me (LISSA JOHN),(27 yrs) so that my barren womb is blessed with a very healthy and very beautiful and grace filled child in the mighty name of jesus. me and my husband are totally helpless regarding this matter. We can do nothing, only jesus can perform a miracle in us. 6) Please pray for Holy Spirit Anointing upon LISSA JOHN in this New year 2008 as never before. Lord to grant me \"Breakthrough Prayer Anointing\" upon my life in JESUS name Kindly pray for my heart, mind and spiritual life. I need more and more and more purity in my heart, mind and thoughts. More and more and abundantly I need god’s purity within me. May his purity always crown and encompass my thought life. I accept and know that I’ve many, many limitations in my thinking and actions I’ve to change more, more and more. I need the purity of heart and mind of a new born baby and more wisdom to think and act in the right way. I want to see that many are blessed and healed and delivered through me. 7) Kindly pray for my dear mother and her health too. At present she has a great wish to visit her brother’s daughter’s wedding during the month of august( in California). She‘s very much eager to go.Kindly pray for her desire to be fulfilled in the name of jesus. 8) Kindly pray for a victory in the case filed by us in the high court, for the retrieval of our 21 cent land. Only jesus is the way. 9) Kindly pray for me ( lissa john) to be blessed with a job as a teacher in any schools or B.Ed colleges ( teacher training colleges).

lissa john / April 4th, 2008

Please pray for Ms Mamta.that the lord would protect, deliver her from the situation in which she is in. The person with whom she is forcibly getting married by her mother. She does not want to marry him. She is all alone by herself cause no one is standing by her side. She is terribly disturbed , worried ,in fear, helpless and broken from within. The person with whom she said that she would marry some years ago is controlling her. Right now she is not even engaged or married to him. He has beaten her on the road and in the commercial area and the mother is just blind to all this. She wanted to marry a man of God but maybe its not Gods will for her to marry him. But at least pray for her deliverance, protection from this person of whom she is very afraid. She is afraid of her mother too.Pray that all may come to an agreement and get us married.

Abhay / March 3th, 2008

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