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  Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 2:39 AM To: casissom@comcast.net Subject: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: RE:Greetings and humble prayer request!: Kevin Nyabuto. <nyabutokevin_kevin@yahoo.com>   Dear precious servants in Christ!     Much greetings through the saving name of Jesus Christ!    We are a young christian fellowship in Kenya which meets in a shade made of banana fibres and trees for prayers and worship services and have learned about your ministry work by visiting your website!     We are encouraged,motivated and uplifted by the truth you have taught us through your ministry teachings on your website,thank you brethren and may you keep on the good work for the Lord! After prayers,reading and studying your website,our hearts are thrilled for finding that you have what we have been looking for!     We hope and pray that God make you a great blessing to us for the good work done for His kingdom brings GLORY to Jesus Christ! We hope God has great things in store for you and us and that He will do great things!     We hope we will enjoy God's kingdom as you agree to share and further it with us here on His earth!      Since we are a young fellowship seeking to know and to live for the truth such as you teach in accordance with the Bible,we would like to request you to send us more teachings for our spiritual and daily growth!   We believe in God's power since we rely in His true Bible! It is our hope and prayer that God to open for you a door to come as He may give you direction to lay us and our community at large the foundation truth such as you teach! We hope you will be of blessings to us as you agree  with us in the faith!    Be blessed abundantly as you labor for the kingdom purposes.       Please bless us with a reply!       Pastor Kevin Nyabuto
    -----Original Message----- From: Joel Muturi [ Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:04 PM To: CAROLYN Subject: Encouragement   Dearly beloved in the Lord sister Carolyn, I trust all is well with you! God is good on my side and i rejoice being in His vineyard! An interesting quote that has made my heart contemplate much on it is about the quote of Martin Luther King Jr,''IF A MAN IS CALLED TO BE A STREET SWEEPER,HE SHOULD SWEEP STREETS SO WELL THAT ALL HOSTS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WILL PAUSE  TO SAY HERE HE LIVED A GREAT STREET SWEEPER WHO DID IS JOB WELL.!" After reading it and deep thoughts about it,i have thought of the Ministry in which God Has called us into.We are called as disciples,preachers,teachers, prophets,evangelists and e.t.c.We need to play our part superbly that one day it will be a history  to anybody after our going home and all the glory will return to our Creator. Lastly,let us not get weary of doing good for our reward will come at His own appointed time. My love and prayer is with you.Great is He who is in us than he who is in the world! You are in heart sister. In the blessed hope pastor Joel.
  pastor,D.Rajubabu Indiad   PASTOR,   Dear Most respected sister in CHRIST, Greetings to you from our Heavenly father and soon coming savior Jesus Christ! I am pleased to introduce my self PastorD,RAJUBABU, serving the Lord for the last 9 years in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh state {South India}. God made a miracle in my life when I came to see your website; I was encouraged to note the activities of your ministry that touched my heart greatly. Ours is an independent ministry serving the lord with utmost faith only. Dear One in Him we have been serving in tribal areas with my co-pastors. Those who are living in that area we providing their needs according to James 1:27 and providing food, clothing, education and all accommodation at free of cost. Part of our work me and elders, church members, distribute pamphlets, bible material, pray for the sick and needy and conduct rural village Gospel meetings, win their souls and leading them to the kingdom of God. I was encouraged after having gone through your Id, website and decided to work with your ministry. On my behalf, church elders, and saints, I invite you to visit India in the year 2011 to minister with us as we are much interested to see you in person, to have you in our midst to proclaim the Good news of Jesus to win many a perishing souls in this end time and request you to join in prayer with us. We all praying for you daily in our personal, family and church prayers and request you to continue to pray for us, for our ministry and for our invitation to you to visit India to minister with us in 2011. Our love and faithful prayers for you, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours in Christ, Pastor. D,RAJUBABU stor Carolyn Sissom
      The Spirit of Shebna Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 2:12 PM To: casissom@comcast.net Subject: Carolyn....jb   No, I didn't receive it either, Carolyn..I'm so glad you sent it again, so I could read it.  IT IS POWERFUL!!!!!  God truly is giving you insight, wisdom, discernment and discretion.  You absolutely have earned His favor..His justified Holy Boldness.  Hallelujah!!!!   Thank you for The Truth of The Word, Joann B.
    Sent: Sunday, February 06, 2011 5:16 PM To: 'CAROLYN' Subject: RE: THE SPIRIT OF SHEBNA   EXCELLENT AND THANK YOU, CAROLYN!!   How I praise God for your wisdom, your discernment, your clarity of thought, AND the fact that you do, when all is said and done, rest all upon the Written Word of God – our only sure testimony in these perilous times.   GOD BLESS YOU!!   Sara
 From: Evangelist Naeem  Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 10:17 AM  Subject: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: Message from Pakistan Evangelist Naeem   I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith. Living in Pakistan we Christians is to face many obstacles to get the access to the word of God. Most of the people in Pakistan are not capable to understand the English language and they are hungry of the God's words. We are a team here working to bring such material into Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, Tamail, Urdu and Punjabi, languages. My suggestion for you is to create your material into Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu and Punjabi, languages. It will bring lots of blessings of the Word of God for the Pakistani and Indian people. Although it will take your low expenses as well, as fund for the Word of God to reach out to the deserving people. As a translator I will take the expenses that will be spending just for the Word. Please visit our website. http://crownoflifepk.webs.com
Apt Dr. David Felix from Nigeria   I saw your website today. God bless u Woman of God for responding to His call. Indeed u are a third order minister of God. I am happy for u that u belong to the true Prophets of God in our time. May His grace carry u on in Jesus Name.   My Spirit leap for joy for the Kingdom work u are doing with the mind of Christ. I am happy for u.   I seriously seek prayers from u for the local Church I pastor as the founding Pastor, The Church began 1999 March 14. Three yrs ago, the Lord instructed me to start  AFRICA PASTORS INTERNATIONL ASSEMBLY ( API ). Today, API is in the Nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, liberia, Cameroun, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda for now. I am age 51 yrs and have a blessed marriage. I would want you to pray about you being our API International Prophet, I will send u more detail on API in my next email.   God bless u,family and ministry.  Apt. Dr. David Felix from Nigeria.
      Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 9:02 AM To: CAROLYN     Dear beloved, Pastor. Carolyn Sisson,                    Thank you for your kind reply and thank you for strengthen us. We will pray for your family and ministry. We are praying that God will open new doors you to visit India and to strengthen us.                    We felt very happy because God heard our prayers and every time we are receiving spiritual food through your messages in web. When we are learn and sharing your messages to other pastors they said it is only by the grace of God. We forward that message to the pastors, widows, orphans’ and believers. Then they felt very happy and told that God heard our prayers and us receiving messages.                    Especially, my children’s also took part in it and told that God heard our prayers and here all our pastors and believers are waiting for your arrival please come and share your thoughts through the word of God. Here we can arrange bible classes and gospel meetings so, please give dates to arrange meetings. here i am sending my family and ministry photos. Thank you very much for your reply to strengthen us. Thanking you.                                           Yours brother in Christ,                                            Rev.J.D.Prasada Rao
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 7:06 PM Dear beloved Pastor,             I saw your web site and all your ministry and conference also. God has give more gifts to you win many soul’s and gloryfy His name. we are also inviting to you so, please come to our country india. We will arrenge pastors meetings and gospel meetings. Here I am running Orphens Home Widows home and some pastors also working with me we have no support from anyone of them. Please send how many people are coming to us india  give their names so, that I will write it and I will send invition letter to you. The lord may prosper you in all the way you do, and make you a mighty servent of Himself to work in india. LET US JOIN OUR HANDS TO GATHER AND CHANGE INDIA FOR CHRIST. PLEASE HELP US IN THIS ASPECT. We ever greatfull to you for the word you have give to us. soon we expect your reply. Please pray for our mission in india and we will wait for good news from you in 2011 of your coming. Here pastors are waiting for your arrival and they are praying for you .Prov 25:25 and 111 John 13 and 14. Thanking you.     AND HE WILL LOVE THEE, AND BLESS THEE, AND MULTIPLY THEE… (Deut 7:13)  Yours brother in Chris Rev.J.D.Prasada Rao
  Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 3:15 A This is an enquiry e-mail via http://eastgateministries.com from: Greetings In Jesus Name! I visited your website and I am so much blessed,encouraged and uplifted by your teachings and the good work you are doing to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. My name is Brother Benard Omayio from Kenya East Africa.I am the founder and director of a small Bible study group currently of fifty brethren.We are looking for a ministry that is Biblical founded to join in so that we can receive mentoring and help us to have a deeper understanding of  word of God and to be established and empowered to serve in the ministry that the Lord has set us apart. We do not have access to Bibles and Biblical materials.We only have two English Bibles we were blessed by a christian friend. We are also carrying out out Bible study and fellowship under trees since we do not have funds to put up a tent of meeting. Here in our area,many people are thirsity and hungry for the word of God.There are many places that have never been evangelized! I did not write to you by accident! I have been praying for direction concerning my life and ministry during the past few Months.The Lord has directed me to you so that I together with the entire group be taught and mentored by your ministry leadership.I feel led by the Holy Spirit of God to supmit to your ministry. Please pray for us.We have quiet a number of orphans under our care.Presently they do not have enough food and clothes.They are forty in number and they are living with me in my house.Members of our group contribute food for them but it is not enough.We are praying that the Lord give His faithful servants and well wishers our burden so that they can help us with food,clothes,shelter and education for this preciuos children. I am sincerly requesting you to consider having a visitation unto our country to teach and minister here in our Country.I am personally praying for open heavens to be your portion as you prepare to come and I believe in God's  good timing,you will come to Kenya.I am personally getting too excited about your coming. Hope to hearing from you soon. Love of Christ and mine, Brother Benard Omayio   P O BOX 1728 KISII 40200 KENYA EAST AFRICA EMAIL:
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 2:23 AM     This is an enquiry e-mail via http://eastgateministries.com from: pastor naom <naomk@yahoo.com>   Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Christ our Lord. We praise the Lord for giving you and us great opportunities to preach the Gospel freely and for opening the hearts of His people.   i am  pleased and honored to let you know that your nurturing and nourishing website was a seed planted in our hearts and it will grow and bring forth much fruit when you will allow us to be part of the wonderful work you are doing so that together we can fulfill the will of God lifting up the veil from the eyes of His people, for them to see Christ in their lives, that together we might bring Him glory and honor and faithfully build His Kingdom.    i dedicate you and your ministry into the hands of God and request for your teaching materials, prayers and fellowship with our ministry.. If God provides the opportunity we beseech you to visit us herein Kenya  and help us and the orphans in our children's home. i am  based in Kenya and i shall be encouraged as you reply and share with us. i anticipate hearing from you soon.   A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings GLORY to Christ.       Yours for the Gospel,       pastor naom, Kenya
Hello Pastor Carolyn, The years 2010 was ended, there were storm of life   that we encounter , but we past all of this because we pursue the power of prayer,  we are now 2011 we want to give thanks to  God sending news, article, and  others study materials, we really appreciate it  very much we, learned a lot..  As we go into anther great  year we want to thank  you, for helping us  take this good news to the people of the Philippines, as we continue to go into the deep we want you to hold the rope for us,  this year again we hope and pray that you can come and visit here in the Philippines. In His service Ale  and Dorothy Lapiz and family
      Pastor Carolyn   I was so upset I didn't get to make it to church on Sunday.  I ended up having to work all day.  I did however just finish watching the streaming online from Sunday morning.  I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for Alan, and for the gift that God has bestowed upon our awesome church to have a streaming ministry.  I know a lot of people watch it in our own and other countries, but to be a member of such a house of priests, and watch the streaming from my own bed room and still feel the glory of the Lord rapture me...is an honor.  I pray that everyone who watches the streaming feels the same glory pouring into their rooms and houses all around the World.  If you could pass this on to Alan I would be grateful.  Thank You so much Alan for your time spent on the streaming ministry.  I appreiciate it so much.  You are greatly appreciated from me and I'm sure all over the world.  :)  I felt like I was at home tonight, and God visited me in my room.  :)  Thank You for all your hard work, dedication, and your beautiful time to help provide such a ministry.  Pastor Carolyn...The message was amazing and something I needed to hear right now.  I'm glad I was able to watch it.  Thank You for not patching up our BOBO'S....I only want the truth and you gave me just what I needed to take another step!  :)  I love you amazing people! His girl, Katiegirl
      F       > From: Lyn Gitchel [mailto:lyngitchel@charter.net] > Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 9:36 AM > To: CAROLYN Sissom > Subject: The Shack >  > Just read your sermon including comments about "The Shack." It was so > interesting to read what you had gained from the book, as I did also. > One of the things that struck me most was when "Papa" explained that > there had to be the three of them in the Godhead in order to create > human beings that were capable of a relationship. Papa explained that > if it had been a one-god who created, there would have been no > possibility of fellowship or love possible because that  nature had > to be born out of the Creator. That's quite a thought. >  > I loved your comments about forgiveness regarding Osama Bin Laden and > others like him. > Jesus preached over and over that we should love our enemies. To most > people that seems like ridiculous. But I have seen for a very long > time that "In the same measure we mete, it shall be measured unto you > again," and that if we can offer an enemy forgiveness and even love > and respect, it will return to us from them. It has to. God's Word > says it will! >  > Twice now I have put this into practice regarding people I have > worked with. People that have really been out to rub me up the wrong > way and make life miserable. > I put Jesus' principles to work: (1) "Pray for them that despitefully > use you," not praying that they might act differently, but praying > that they might see Him and turn to the Lord. > And (2) Offer them respect and love. > Both times it has worked. In one case the worker ultimately became a > friend and supporter. In the other case God removed the person > elsewhere. >  > I have also noticed that forgiveness has a way of cleansing our > thoughts. While we are hurting about something someone has done, it > will keep coming up in our thinking again and again. I suppose that's > why there are so many law suits every time there is an accident or > something. People are trying to cleanse away the hurts. > Once I declare them to be forgiven and really mean it, the hurt > thoughts cease to come. > Papa also pointed out that God forgives but does not forget, and He > does not expect us to forget. Just forgive. > I have said many times that preachers are wrong when they quote God > as saying that He will forget our sins. God doesn't forget them, He > said He will "remember them no more" which is a conscious act of > constantly laying them aside, of determining that they will not be > allowed to enter into the relationship. > And I believe that's what He expects of us. >  > Take care - and be blessed, > Lyn
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010 11:14 AM To: CAROLYN Subject: Re: Perils of Unbelief, "Perils of Pauline"   Gold Nugget Wisdom.  Thanks Pastor Carolyn. Pastor Regina
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  Subject: Re: LWC SERMON NOTES - 8/22/10 - "THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE"   Hi Pastor Carolyn:   I really enjoyed your message..   Have a Blessed Glory Filled day in Him,   Keith Miller
    Don’t know if I ever told you how much your sermon notes mean to me and others that I send them to……………..but I refer to them often when I study and sometimes they are a devotional guide.  Thank you so very much. Gaye Haehnel
WOW! How sweet to meet you and your wonderful folks! The Father did things for all of us tonight that will be some time for  all it to manifest itself, but praise His Holy name for all that He  accomplished in us!! Thank you for every kindness, love offering, food afterwards, but most  of all, the freedom you granted me to be used of the Lord. Much love dear, Gloria Elliott
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 8:21 AM These words speak so clearly what Little White Church has moved in these past 2 weeks. If we had not broken thru a ceiling of complacency and compromise, we could not have received the fulness of the message last night.  I am in a new place and would be very surprised if everyone is too. Glory to the Lord and Thank you Terry Deckard
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 7:41 AM Blessing to you also pastor carolyn, We are doing well in the lord and also praying for you over there.We are actually being blessed with your sormon notes on your web.Thank you keep on praying for us and our work in kenya. Good time and be blessed, Pastor alfred juma, Kenya, Africa
   Grace And Peace;     From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to give thanks to our Lord for the Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind) Young Adult Praise Band.  I want to thank Pastor Carolyn for giving her permission, and Robert and Sandy Steele for their help in making it possible for them to play for Shiloh Picnic.    I just want to tell everyone how excellent, and professional Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind) played, conducted themselves, and worship the Lord as the opening for  Shiloh 6.  They blessed the people that show up on time, and as the people that were arriving late ask:  Who is this praise band?  I was proud to say The Young Adults from Pasture of Little White Church.  I can’t articulate what they meant to me as I was coordinating the picnic and trying to give directions for those that we lost or on the way.   We had an excellent picnic and part of the reason is; God sent the Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind Band).   I would really appreciate if they could come back next year if the Lord wills. Grace and PeaceBro. Matthew
Subject: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: 2010 Tent Revival   This is an enquiry e-mail via http://eastgateministries.com from: Pastor Chris Mallia littlegroup2003@yahoo.com      I would like to thank and bless the family of God for your faithfulness of service to me and the Holy Spirit and Body of Christ last weekend. The Lord has touched my life and brought me to a new level of anointing that I Must share with you. I am a good friend of Cliff Cavin and have experience God's miraculous gift on him for 14 years, but I was set up this weekend for what was about to take place. I knew God was telling me to go to Katy so I obeyed and went even though my finances were questionable. When God says Go, He supplies the Dough! I left Lakehills with $40 in my pocket and came home with $40 in my pocket!Thank you sevants of God who heard His voice and were obediant to supply my needs according to His riches in Glory. I received more than I even know during the conference. I do know though,that during the session (I cant remember if it was Pat or Jill) that was ministering about Healing the Chief and the whole tribe got saved. God spoke to me that He sent the cheif of our community to our church 2 months ago. This man got saved in prison and has been free of drugs and alcohol for 3 years. He is related to and has favor by all the rebels in our community. So I invited him over to my house to watch the streaming of the conference. While we were sitting there the Lord showed me that his left knee was 2 inches shorter than his right. I asked him about it and he said 33 years ago when he was 17, he had a terrible motorcycle accident which shorten his leg. It caused many problems in his back and he said he probably needed a shoe with a 2 inch heal to fix it. I asked him if he thought Jesus could fix it and when he said yes I asked him to stick out his legs which when I touched his joints were at least an inch out. Jesus grew the leg out at that moment. He put his feet back on the ground and his knees were even. He thought the left was still a little lower,(because he was use to that for 33 years) but I told him they were even and he was healed. We continued to watch the stream of the conference for about 5 minutes and he looked down and saw that his knee was now higher than the other knee and gave glory to God. He kept saying I can't beleive it but I have to believe it! He then asked for prayer to be delivered from some demons which the Lord graciously took care of. I let him know what the Lord had told me about  him and the tribe, and he told me how much he loved the people of this community and how he often wondered how he could help them! We are so Blessed by the entire family of God @ the Little White Church inKaty,Tx.Please continue doing what God wants us all to do under this Open Heaven! Every one of you are such a witness of His Glory!Pastor Cliff Mallia
  Carolyn thank you for inviting me. Austin called me and shared his experience with me. When I parked way down the road and was walking up the road toward little white church the Holy Spirit said to me this is hallowed ground Sharon Farmer Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
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