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   Dear Carolyn, Thank you so much for hosting the best conference I have ever been to!!   I go to a lot of conferences and none of them have touched and changed my life as much as this weekend’s tent meeting has. The speakers brought us deeper in the Spirit with revelation knowledge and demonstrating the power and authority that the Lord has given us as heirs to the Kingdom.    My life has truly been touched and changed forever by this experience.   I will never be the same.  I now have a fire inside my bones that that will never be put out!!!  Thank you so much for allowing the Word of the Lord to go forth on Sunday!!!   It was a sober awakening that I needed to hear and the body of Christ needs to hear.  On Saturday night I turned to one of the speakers and I said I feel like I am in heaven.  This must be what heaven feels like. The Glory of the Lord was manifested… …it is like heaven on earth.  Words can’t describe this conference, it is something you must experience yourself.  Thank you again for pouring into me and everyone else!! You are a true treasure!!    Love and Blessings   Denise Caldwell
  Greetings and Praise the Lord Pastor Carolyn, Thanks for the Blessed emails on sermon notes. I appreciate that you always remember the Christians of Pakistan and our Ministry as well.. Please remember us as your partners in Pakistan.If we require some help would you be kind enough to help our mission and vision in Pakistan? Kindly visit our website the wonderful things Awaiting for your earliest and favorable response and with best regards. Blessings, Pastor Gulzar Augustine Church of the Holy Spirit Pak. http://www.churchofholyspiritpak.org/ ---     .     ---                                         )   .”  .  .                             
 :             THE DAY   BY: BET HOWARD AMANTE  Posted Sunday, April 4, 2010                  It was a day, an  unholy day        When darkness withstood the divine        And white clouds turned to charcoal gray        As the sun refused to shine         It was a day, an unholy day        When all hope for humanity died        Gross darkness increased in evil display        When our Savior was crucified           It was a day, an unholy day        When the earth’s convulsing sod        Quaked and trembled in utter dismay        ‘Neath the blood of the Son of God   It was a day, an unholy day   When the temple veil was rent           By the breath of Heaven in such a way That no power in hell could prevent  It was a day, an unholy day        Oh, but look what the Father has done In       the midst of the darkness, God made a way   For the light to come forth in his Son     Oh Yes, it was a day, a glorious day          When God paid the ultimate price        And the light of the world still shines today   In heaven's sacrifice               Christ has died.   Christ has risen.   Christ shall come again       Wishing each and everyone of you a Glorious Easter Sunday!
 BIBLE STUDY;  THE DOCTRINE OF ELIHU Good Morning Pastor Carolyn,     This one was an "ouch and amen".  Thank you for sharing this Bible study.  I could feel the Holy Spirit touching some tender areas in my life, greatly needed and appreciated.     We continue to lift you and Eastgate in prayer.  Love you very much.    Debbie K  Debbie Kammerlohrwww.familylifeassembly.org
THE SONG OF MOSES, II, REVELATION 15 - Preached March 7, 2010 From: Tracy London Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2010 2:57 PM To: CAROLYN Subject: Re: LWC Sermon Notes 3/7/10 - The Song of Moses   What a beautiful message! It made me weep.  
Good Morning Pastor Carolyn,   I just thought You might want to read What John and Jeanete had to say about attending our church yesterday morning. I Love YouDonna and David  From: Jeanete Petitt Good Morning Aunt Donna,     We had such a wonderful time.  John talked all the way home about the church and how much he enjoyed the weekend.  He said we are definitely goin back.  He even said that he wanted the church service to just continue on and that he might would like to even drive over there some sunday morning just for service, he loved the trumpet player too.  He said normally he can't sleep very well in a new place but he slept like a baby.  I really enjoyed visiting with ya'll and look forward to the next time.  The afghans were so beautiful, thank you for all the tender loving care and prayers that went into every stitch.  I love you bunches.  Jeanete
    Hello Pastor Carolyn:              My name is Mignon Murrell. You prayed for me last Friday Night in Birmingham at the Kathie Walters/ Bob Jones meeting for tormenting spirits that were afflicting my sleep. I juts wanted to thank you and let you know that I have slept better ever since. You were right to say that it was caused by witchcraft. My husband Bill and I have a prophetic healing and deliverance ministry called Glory Reign Ministries ((www.gloryreign.org) here in Houston Texas and are often targets of witchcraft and Satanic assaults. We knew it was from the occult and had prayed but we were also on vacation in Moravian Falls and were out of touch with our intercessors.              We have actually met you once before at your church in Katy when Kathie was down doing a weekend at your church (It was when the air conditioning was out) Anyhow I just wanted to say than you and let you know that the Lord blessed you prayers. Thank you for being so faithful to the King and to the Body! In Him,Mignon MurrellGlory Reign Ministrieswww.gloryreign.orghttp://www.mignonmurrell gloryreignministries.blogspot.com/ 
  Subject: Hello Pastor: Greetings Pastor Carolyn: I wanted to thank you for your notes on "the Righteousness of God".  I do enjoy your notes, and compile them for reference.  Your teachings are always Holy-Ghost inspired and well researched (Biblically and in godly commentaries).  I appreciate that.   Anyway, even if I don't respond to each and every e-mail, please know you are loved and appreciated.   May your coming trip to see Bro. Jones et al. be blessed   Andy A
      ONCE UPON A TIME, There was a girl, searching to and fro.  Her roots became dry and thirsty.  One Tuesday night she stumbled into a quaint little church in the middle of a cow pasture.  Her thoughts ran away with her, "What kind of church would be way out here in the middle of a city?"  When she stepped in the door the spirit of God fell up on her, "This is it", he Passionately expressed to her.   Her body became warm with multiple emotions thriving about her.  "Wow!" Her heart grew restless.   Months after that she continually attended this quaint little church.  Many struggles here and there, but who hasn't been there?  Each step she took was that of a Bride making her way to the alter towards the rest of her Life.  :) Much deliverance occurred in this very pasture.  Much Love was given from this quaint sort of people and their "sweet" messages.   She drove hours upon hours just to sit in the presence of Beauty every Sunday... This Girl Had a name, Katrina! I will never be able to get out the words of how Honored I am that God placed me in such a "quaint" Church.  When in fact there is nothing "quaint" about it.  I sit every Sunday in a room full of World Changers.  I am so honored to sit before each of you, that words can hardly explain it.   Thank you for giving me such a blessed weekend Birthday.  All of You have been etched within me.  I am so glad my roots are planted in such an Orchard with all the water and nourishment I could ever want.   Thank you for having my back and believing in the work of Jesus Christ through me.  I know I can and will do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.   Thank You for believing in me!  It means the world to me.... :D God is so AMAZING! :)   Here we go Lord!  Praise you Jesus for all of these Amazingly Beautiful People!  He gave me the best Birthday Gift ever, A Family in a Cow Pasture in a Not so Quaint Little Church.  Thank you Jesus! In His Fullness,Katie Katrina Elise Ruddick    
Hi Carolyn, During the tent meeting I went down and Pat Lee prayed for a healing in my jaw.  It had been popping everytime I chewed.  It is not doing that any longer.  Praise God I am healed. Barbara
Dear Carolyn, I’ve been trying to find words to tell you how the past weekend blessed me.  It is hard to put into words what it meant to us to be there.  We were challenged, energized and refreshed.  Thank you so much for all you did and all you sacrificed to make it possible.  I sense God is smiling on you and the wonderful people in your church for how you all gave so much that He would be glorified and His servants would be blessed.  What a privilege to be a part. Blessings, Kathy
Dear Apostle Sissom -   Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to feed the Word of the Lord into lives in attendance at this morning's Bible Study.  You are such a blessing to extend the invitation and hopefully we will have the opportunity to flow again one day as the Lord leads.   I so appreciate your kindness to Mary as this is new ground for her.  Also, Debra Hill received a wonderful blessing in being so warmly embraced by the group there.   It certainly wasn't necessary to pick up the tab for all of us.  However, we are all very appreciative and would like to extend a personal thank you for that additional blessing.   We are looking forward to the meetings at the tent.  God Bless you all!  I will continue to keep you and the ministry God has entrusted to you in my prayers.   Again, much thanks, Dianna Senkyrik
Dear Pastor Carolyn, Thank you so much for having me to the Little White Church.  It was an honor to be able to share the word the Lord put on my heart.  Thank you again for the hotel room, the wonderful lunch at Saltgrass, and for all of your hospitality.  I truly felt like royaIty!  I am definitely looking forward to our time together in Texas again in July.  Please feel free to keep in touch.  Love in Jesus, Pastor John & Kelly Sielski
Dearest Aunt Carolyn,,,,would love to be at this talk! how wonderful that you-all are addressing the issue, and not sweeping it under the carpet like many churches do,,,,,,I guess because my boys are adopted I have a strong opinion about abortion,,,,,,,,,,,,I know that there are so many young girls that are afraid and ashamed of getting pregnant(fear from parents, etc) that they would rather abort than let the child be adopted,,,there is a big shameful stigma with adoption,,,,,,they feel that with abortion, it is "OVER " with quickly, etc,,,,,,,,,,well, I can tell you, from talking to so many moms of different ages who had abortions, that is not the case,,,,,,,,it stays with you every single day of your life! that grief is so emcompassing that often these women, in trying to fill that void or pain, will attempt suicide, have mutlitple sex partners and /or marriage partners, heavily drink, etc,,,,,,,,,all ways to numb the pain of the abortion...........they may NOT realize this is what they are trying to numb, they  have ran from the pain for so long,,,, and then, abortions are typically secretive......which only leads to a shame base,,,,,,,,,,,Aunt Carolyn, the cycle is vicious and destructive,,,,,,,,,well, thank you all for doing this ministry of yours.   Boys and I are going camping with a church group this weekend, leaving in around an hour,,,,, it is in Va. , around 2 hours from here,,…. know that we pray for you all and love you,,,,,,,,,,hugs, Lisa
Sister Carolyn - People who God have called in ministry do not retire unless God allows it to be so.  It is always and forever His call.  With your kind of anointing Pastor, the Body of Christ needs you.   There were many times I wanted to quit but God would not allow it.   Love in Jesus. Pastor Regina
Carolyn:  I took this teaching and am in the process of translating it into Spanish for my wife to teach via her TV program to women.   My wife was called with me to be "co-pastora" of the church.  Many men feel threatened by this, I felt honored.    She has received criticism about this, but she, like you, is a strong woman.   Just wanted you to know.   God bless, Pastors MIke and Marisol Sheffield Santiago, Chile
Pastor Casissom - I have had one apostle and one prophet to come into my ministry so that they could control and take over but the Lord gave this ministry to me in the 1990's.  A man also prophesied to me with the assistance of an elder of the church (Grace Church now West Oaks Fellowship).  He prophesied that I would preach the word and I was in disbelief until God sent an angel to tell me not long after.  Yes, it has been a struggle but I still love this apostle and prophet and would welcome them to come in and visit any time.  I have respect and love for the call of God on their lives.  If God tells me to turn this ministry over to a man  I would in a heart beat but as yet, He has not. I went to a conference in 2008 put on by Prophetess Ida with Women Rise Up Ministries.  She is being honored in the month of May this year. Hoping I will attend.  At the conference last year , a man gave a testimony about how he never believed in women preachers until he heard one preach.  While she was preaching, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and said, "If I chose a woman to carry My Son into this world to save this world, what makes you think I cannot chose one to speak for Me?" Fivefold women are on the move.  The Lord told me that if any one questions my authority to be a pastor I should give them Galatians, Chapter 1:10-12.  He then said to me, "After you give them this word, tell them I personally told you to give it to them." A youth pastor's wife at my last church presented this scenario. If your house was burning and the only one available to save your family was one woman, what would you do?  Pastor Lisa McKellar. Women have been in prayer and worship, on their knees romancing God for years.  Prophesies have been coming forth from the Elijah list that this year the fivefold women are coming out.  If you need me for anything at all, please let me know. Divinely Inspired Pastor Regina
Hello Mighty Woman of God.  I just read this message and it was the first time I had the priveledge of hearing the teaching your brought.  When I visited LWC a couple months back you did pray for me and message Barbie Beathitt shared ministered to my spirit.   Several months back you had prayed when we were visiting and you had told us we needed a stable support system.  We had no idea what you meant at the time.  Since then, we have been faced with a situation where we needed to leave our home church of 8 yrs that has covered the evangelistic ministry God has called us to.   During this time of seeking the Lord for direction we knew to make sure we protected our hearts and stayed really close to the Lord and open to His voice and lead.   Suddenly, several people were brought into our lives that also were seeking new direction and wanted only to worship God in spirit and in truth.  So, for the past two weeks we have had services on Sunday morning in our living room and everyone is receiving the blessing of the Lord.  Thank you for being obedient to give forth a Word from God that was given in due season even though it didn't make much sense at the time.   God Bless you and thanks again.   I always receive from the messages that you send out over the net and pray for your ministry as well.   Dianna Senkyrik EagleHeart Ministries
Carolyn,   I just want to thank you again for your hospitality and generosity.  The offering was much appreciated. We need about   $1500 for the Easter Outreach and your congregation gave $400.  What an amazing and unexpected blessing.  There are Churches of 200 that will take an offering for us that won't be $100. You have been entrusted with such a special part of the Body.   All I can say about the service is WOW - God never quits surprising us does he?  Great power and how about those two girls who were delivered?  Now that's Church!   Love Ya Myra
Dear  in Christ, Greetings in the matchless name of Lord and  Saviour Jesus Christ. we are seeing your website very useful our ministry         Our ministry area is in Coimbatore the District Headquarter in Tamilnadu State . We are involved in various ministries.         We conduct personal prayer two days in a week.  Lot of people belonging to various religions participates in the meetings. Many were delivered from various problems through this ministry.          This prayer meeting is conducted in a rental building.  Once a month we gather together and pray for the revival in India and the blessing of the people in our city- this is a fasting prayer. Many people participate for these prayers.  Many received miracle healings and deliverance from the clutches of demon.         Once in a month we conduct a fasting prayer in a auditorium.  Every week on Sundays evenings we have prayers for the people who were under the bondage of various problems (deliverance meetings).  Even the heathen people participate in these meetings. We have lot of testimonies.  We will share with you in the near future for the testimonies.       Once a year by the grace of God we conduct a Deliverance festival (Crusade meetings) in a big open ground.  Thousands of people attend in the meetings. We were invited to preach the gospel in many churches. We go by a team and conduct the meetings.         These are the various kinds of ministries.  We trust in God and do the ministry.  We fully depend upon God and our ministry is a faith ministry..  God provides all our needs. Please uphold our ministry in your prayers.  Please pray for our ministry.           May the Lord use you mightily in India and save a group of people through your ministry. We pray that God would use you ministry throughout world.  We uphold you, your family and the ministry in our prayers.  Kindly pray for us. looking forward to hearing from you. in His Vineyard by DONALD ABRAHAM
Dear mammy i love you in the name of our lord jesus christ,today we have had anice service and GOD has healed so people and i thak him for using me in power and miracles, How is the ministry let me hope that all are good,mammy thank you so much for the sermons you send to me,realy you words have done some thing great in my life and also in our church,let me use this orportunity to inform you that here people do love your preaching ,they requested me to ask you that >they ask for your visitation< mammy they do respect what ever you preach  i love you in the name of jesus christ,remember to send my greetings to my brothers,sisters and the church              DEUTRONOMY   28:1               PSALMS           66:1 your san   LUKWAGO  SANDE   uganda,kampala.
We had a wonderful time in Houston with you at the Little White Church.  You have such an open heaven from all the prayer and intercession that has gone up from that land.   I enjoyed meeting your husband this morning and will continue to pray for his total healing.   Sure love and believe in the work you are doing there among those wonderful people.   love Barbie   Miss Barbie Breathitt P.O. Box 820653 North Richland Hills, TX 76182-0653 www.BarbieBreathitt.com www.BreathoftheSpiritMinistries.com www.MyOnar.com           Dream Website
Dear Pastor Carolyn,   Shalom,   A Word of Prophecy by the Holy Spirit for you that I received a couple of months ago: "You are Mine, I am yours, together, I have seen your faithfulness to me, We are able to overcome anything that life throws at you! I already know that you are victorious, & you need to know that you are! You are victorious, glorious, redeemed & highly esteemed by the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit! You are a fellow-citizen with the Saints in Heaven, & you are completed, seated, & undefeated, along with all of the children of the Lord, whether in Heaven or on Earth! Rejoice in the Lord daily, for His joy is your sustaining strength! You are full of eternal life, which can't be taken from you, nor can it be defeated! You are blessed to be a blessing, & you are highly favored! Rejoice!"    Emmanuel Pius Ssentongo, Pastor, Kingdom Ambassadors Church, Kampala UGANDA, East Africa.      
Pastor,   There’s too much to write and I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it, but I just have to tell you about something that happened last week.  The Lord told me that things were going to be moving fast in my life if I was obedient.  He directed me to begin listening to the audios and visuals from Eastgate Ministries while I was at work.  I was obedient.    This is actually funny, but I was listening to one of your sermons, of which I thought I been in attendance; but after hearing it again, I began to wonder if I heard any of it!  I heard the exact message that I gave for my last 10-minute talk (My revelation, specifically for me!  Ha!) delivered in Pastor Carolyn’s way.  But, what was even funnier was that an anointing started to fall on me at work.  I was wondering what would happen if I fell out at work!  As I was trying to stay upright in my chair, marveling that the Holy Spirit would show up here, and contemplating the outcome of my posture, you paused in your message and had to deal with the Holy Spirit falling on you!  It happened exactly at the same point in your message!    Apparently there is an anointing attached to the message.  There is also, apparently, no less an anointing hearing your message via streaming, as opposed to being at LWC!   I just had to share that.  Today, He has me doing the same.  Though I may consider bringing seatbelts to keep me in my office chair!  LOL!  Especially after this past Sunday when the Holy Spirit put everyone out!  Bonnie Lugo
Wow!  What a morning event.  The Holy Spirit arrested the congregation!   I have never experienced anything like it.  I couldn’t move.  I don’t know where I was, but I wasn’t at LWC for the longest time.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  When I went up to get the Cloak of Love put on me, the congregation was talking and getting ready to go.  I barely made it to my seat, when the Holy Spirit took me over.  The next thing I realized was that the entire congregation was laid out all over – all seemingly experiencing the same paralysis that I had.  It was difficult to move – I wouldn’t have, except that it seemed that a long time had past and I was thinking I was alone in the church.  Like I said….Wow! Thank you for flowing in the God. Bonnie Lugo
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