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Carolyn,   I only wish I lived closer.  The presence of the Lord in Church this morning was awesome and so wonderful.  He amazes me.  Your message was very timely.  The Body definitely needs to know how to walk out our committment to the Lord.   He has put a burden on me again for women's issues.  A number of years ago I beat this drum and it pretty much fell on deaf ears.  This season has changed and the Church seems a little more ready for responsibility.  I am attaching a brochure on a home for women in crisis.  I hope that the Lord will show us ways to teach women to be business women and people of influence.  We may come to hear you by the van load.  Many women need to see and hear a real woman of God in action.   You prophecied to me at New Years that it was time (past time) to start a Church.  Well it is called Acts2 and we meet on Sunday nights at my house.  There are about 12 right now and growing.  We have been meeting and seeking God through worship for about 6 weeks.  Your inspiration was the catalyst that I needed.  We are closing the men's ministry as I have never found proper leadership for it.  The house can be used for the women's resource center and living facility.  It is 3000 sq. ft.  I am entering the process of fund raising for it so that we won't have the monthly bills that I have battled with for years.  This time we are going to raise the budget before we house anyone.     Talk to you soon, Myra Cross. Pastor
Hi, Pastor Carolyn!    I am still up here . . . and was blessed to read your teaching.  Re: McCain/Obama tonight -- it struck me that, WHILE THIS WAS GOING ON OVER THE AIRWAVES, we were in the LAST TWO HOURS of The CALL here in DC - at the seat of our nation's government. THERE WAS A TRUE ACT OF REPENTANCE TODAY . . .  A TRUE SEPARATION OF THE VILE FROM THE HOLY; THE PROFANE FROM HIS GLORY. The CALL was POWERFUL! So, could it be that, as this was going on in the Church (Body of Christ), that IMMEDIATELY there was a SEPARATION in the "political/natural" realm, so that all could see the true and the FALSE?  Oh, GLORY!  DECEPTION IS FALLING NOW . . .ALL OVER.  Praise God!  Sara Ballenger
Dear Sister Carolyn and All the Precious Saints at Little White Church,                 What a giant step of faith you all took in erecting the tent and hosting the big prophetic team and attendees.  You blessed us with your love and devotion to the Lord and to us.  Thank you.  We really appreciate the love offering and pray it multiplied back to you.   You folks at LWC have become like family to us.    Carolyn, we have come to love you as if you and Don are part of our family.  We really mean that.  And when the time is right on your end, we want you to come up to Fort Worth and let the rest of our family and church see why we respect, honor and love you.  We’ll even let you preach and prophesy.  Think and pray about it.   We all enjoyed meeting the other prophets and ministers very much.    May the Lord bless you, keep you and make His face shine brightly upon you until the end of time.  We can’t wait to see you again.   Love, Bev, Ras and Kathy Bohlin
Dear Pastor Carolyn, Fellow Ministers of the Gospel, and Family of the Little White Church, Thank you all for your hardwork and hospitality. The weekend of meetings were an encouragement and inspiration in my life. I am grateful for the liberty that the Spirit of God was given. I pray others even remotely encountered the voice of God in their lives as did I. The new relationships, friendship and fellowship were a blessing. God was timely. God's direction and instruction were clear. His words brought life and clearity of purpose. I am grateful for your faith and obedience. May God's favor continue to be with you and your church family. May the hand of the Lord continue to be strong on those who are in His service. I am grateful to each of the ministers for their heart for Father and their desire to speak the will and way of the Father. I believe God is setting the church in His direction, posturing them for His release and establishing the momentum for His movement in the earth. To God be all glory, honor, and power. Serving the Master, Marvin Barham
This Sunday promises to be another fabulous day of ministry at The Little White Church.  They have earned the mark of excellence for having powerful teaching and life changing worship over and over again.  We've come to expect the hand of The Lord to be upon each service and His Shekinah Glory to fall on and touch each person present.  The welcoming of The Holy Spirit in the services by this precious little group of worshippers is nothing short of supernatural and beyond effectual in stirring the atmosphere in The Spirit Realm.  God surely is well pleased and smiling down upon LWC as He views the beauty of His handiwork made manifest in the lovely roses blooming all around the church, the new white paint on the old wood, all things glistening in the sunlit pasture, the rain soaked green grass abounding with freshness of life..a pristine picture of spiritual prosperity abiding under the steeple-topped Cross of Jesus..a true church for all who come seeking to worship and to reverence their Heavenly Father..to be loved, healed, fed and made whole.   Bobby Conner, John Mark and Sandy Poole are well known, outstanding ministers and will surely bring strong messages; but they likely will be the blessed and privileged ones to be in this House of The Lord on Sunday..a treasured jewel in His Crown.  Come and tabernacle in worship with these favored, humble servants of The Most High God.   Blessings and Love, Joann Berglund
I am so pleased!!! I've done so many messages on "The Roses", God is awesome....we are  the Roses of Sharon, not The Rose of Sharon, we are to immanate Him in every characteristic of the rose.......beauty, fragrance, seasons, thorns, roots, tree roses, bushes, vines, baby roses, bare root roses,etc..etc...and they don't come male or female, they are like the Church of the Living God, always changing...and sometimes even the poppuri is a remembrance of a wonderful encounter with Him....a dried rose  between the pages, is a rhema word from Him, and ministers to whatever season we are in.....   I'm so happy about the good reports of the wonderful meetings you have been having, especially in the big white tent!!         I've taken a little sabbatical, but I think it is about to end.................. Health is restored and God is speaking to my quiet heart....... Love Pastor Donna Bartram
I just now heard Pastor Xavier's Word for LWC..... Let the Roses bloom. Pastor Carolyn, you've grown roses before, so you most likely know this....but when you prune roses if you cut them on the stem where there are 5 leaves, instead of 3 or 7, the roses will bloom again in the same season.  I believe there has been a GRACE (5) as the Lord Himself pruned the roses this year that there have been multiple bloomings of each ROSE.....Each of you are growing and maturing into the image of Him...the Rose of Sharon......   I found the etymology of suppliant being tied to the root of supplicant so God!!!!!!   Main Entry: 1sup·pli·ant Function: noun Pronunciation: -&nt Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from present participle of supplier to supplicate, from Latin supplicare : one who supplicates Main Entry: sup·pli·cate Function: verb Pronunciation: 's&-pl&-"kAt Inflected Form(s): -cat·ed ; -cat·ing Etymology: Middle English, from Latin supplicatus, past participle of supplicare, from supplic-, supplex suppliant -- more at SUPPLE intransitive senses : to make a humble entreaty ; especially : to pray to God transitive senses 1 : to ask humbly and earnestly of 2 : to ask for earnestly and humbly   I love each of you and you each grace and bless my life....with the LIFE of the one we all Love so much!!!!!   May God's Greatest Blessings be with each of you!  I look forward to seeing the Roses in Bloom in the Rose Garden this time next year.  (Sound a bit like "About this time tomorrow.....") Jamar
Hello Pastor Carolyn and the Little White Church,   Blessing and honor and glory unto our Lord Jesus Christ! What a great work was accomplished in the tent of meeting. We (Patricia and I) are thankful to have had the opportunity to minister to the saints and to have been ministered to.   You will always be in our prayers and in our hearts. My deepest prayer is that every person will have the maturity to accept the ministry given through the Presbytery. I hope that the people who did not agree with what others brought would be careful to meditate and prayerfully consider what the Lord has done before saying or making rash decisions. As I perceive it to be, there was great value in each persons delivery of the Word, and truly the hand of the Lord was strong upon us all.   What a truly blessed fellowship you have for the Lord to continually sow into. You are a well watered garden. PLEASE READ DEUTERONOMY 11:7-15 IT IS YOURS   Keep the faith and look up as our redemption is at hand   In the Love of Christ and with appreciative hearts   Vincent and Patricia www.newwineministry.net
I feel as if I am still in the glory cloud of the Lord.  All I can say is WOW!  I am so glad I could be there and hear such powerful words and teachings from the Lord.  I thank and praise the Lord for that and for favor with my company to be off.  I woke up the next day singing the worship songs we sang and still hear them inside my head throughout the day.  WOW!   The kindhearted Pastors from Milano, Texas (Pastor Ross and Pastor Beverly Cunningham) were a blessing to hear as I sat with them sharing a meal.  They are looking forward to coming to fellowship soon.  The questions I could not answer, I am grateful J.T. was on hand to share more.  Thank you for allowing me to serve and help even though it was not much, it was a pleasure to help. Thank you also for taking time out to meet all my family and friends.  Many want to come again as soon as possible.  I believe the prophecy and look with great expectancy for God to fulfill it all at LWC.  He is awesome and worthy of all praise, honor and glory.   Love you Pastor Carolyn and thank God for you and everyone there.   Yvonne Whittington   P.S.  I won't be there this Sunday night because I will be with my oldest in DC helping her get moved into her place.  I fly back late Monday night for work on Tuesday.  I look forward to being there Sunday, the 10th.  J. T. offered to pick Mom up for Sunday service because she wants to see John Mark Poole.  I pray she is feeling well enough to come and comfortable enough to go without me.  God bless!
Thought you all might enjoy this one today since Pastor Carolyn preached on it a bit. (smile)                                  There is a vanity I find                         Insidiously persistent                         To which most of us are blind                         And few of us resistant                           Concerning that which we prefer                         To overlook and hide                         Yet when offended we refer                         To the offender’s pride                           The innocence that we proclaim                         On our part is in fact                         A subtle way to place the blame                         So as to counteract                           I see no way the Lord has made                         For injured pride to win                         Though with sweetness overlaid                         The Lord still calls it sin       Blessings, Bet Amante and the Glory Chain Prayer Ministries
Dear Carolyn     Praise God,how are you doing,am intrested in working with you here in Africa,ave been blessed when i visited your site,am ready in all areas Please your mostwelcome to Africa Uganda  Pastor Sande
Dear  in christ,  We 're very much glad to reaceived your messagess here.God has given us precious friend in u.s.so that we are rejoice in the LORD.phil;4;4 we want to traslate your gracious messagess and share to the zentiles they may know you and God will be gloryfy midst of them thourgh your messagess.we need your an ideas and purpose.                                                 thank u so much,                                                Tatapudi Rajesh
YOU MAY PRESPIRE WHEN PREACHING IN THAT BIG TENT FOR GOD!!!  BUT A TENT IN TEXAS ON A RANCH FILLED WITH LONGHORNS? A PLACE OF WILD FIRE THAT CAN OPEN UP TO BE LIKE FLORIDA AND OTHER PLACES!!  YOU CAN BE SURE YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF MIRACLES IN THAT TENT...BLESS YOU FOR THAT AND WILL BE IN OUR PRAYERS! LET FIRE FALL, LET THE WIND BLOW, LET THE GLORY COME DOWN! AMEN!   Something to avoid in a tent meeting.   Once when I was a little fellow, my folks took me to an old fashioned tent revival in a huge level field near a little church. The preacher was getting pretty "reved up" and was shouting to top of his lungs that the power and the fire is about to hit this place. I looked up a few rows ahead of us and a lady commenced to jumping up, danced out in the aisle of sawdust and was shout and dancing and shaking her arms wildly. Then everyone got in on it as it appeared to be "contagious."   I asked the lady how it was she just had to jump up in the middle of that fiery preaching message and go ahead and shout and dance then?  She said, little boy, do not tell everyone cuz they got a real blessing, but I was just trying to get away from the Texas Sized RED ANT BED MY CHAIR WAS ON!!!       Love of the Father...have a great meeting and check for fire ant beds!!! Always a Voice for our LORD, John Mark Pool www.wordtotheworldministries.org
Dear Carolyn,  Thank you for ministering we have had a wonderful service in the church.  After the service we talked about your ministry in the ministers meeting,our church of New Generation church  1kings:3:4,4:29... read those scriptures for you are a lady who wishes good to others and to be lifted up.We love you and pray for you God to use you mightly, when we are eager to meet you face to face here when you come to bless us in Africa.  I will be happy to hear from you again ,greet for me the fellow members.  www.newgenerationministries.homestead.com  
Praise God,Pastor Carolyn, I really thank God for the way He is using you and the messages I have continued to receive from you. They are agreat blessing and encouragement to us.God Bless you as you continue to remeber us even through those teachings with great reravalations.Till them,be blessed as you pass our greetings to your flock. Finally, PLease remember us in your prayers for a devine financial provision even as we continue to enlarge our new church for the Lord  has blessed us with a church plot and construction is in progress. Pastor Philip Amwai
NAME OF MINISTRY: Gospel Flame Ministries     Greetings & Peace from Gospel Flame Ministries Faisalabad!    We have visited your website in detail. No doubt this is an organization working day & night for the better future of human beings especially for those person who are not know about Jesus Christ. Our ministry has been designed keeping in view the strategies/demands of Global World. With best wishes & kind regards, I remain   Yours truly,   Pastor Mumtaz Mukhtar Chairman (GFM)
I keep hearing,"What is it about the Little White Church?"  Why are we hearing from people all over the world????? Do they know that we are in the middle of a cow pasture????? You can barely see the church from the road." (smile) God knows where we are and just how long we will remain here. It's according to His good plan and purpose.  It's about the anointing of the Lord upon the pastor and the people. It's about loving the Lord  and walking in obedience. It's about  serving God together and reaching out to the nations through  the internet. LWC is streaming the gospel to people who might otherwisee never hear. I love to share the emails from our brothers and sisters around the world. Isn't it awesome!!!!!!     Blessings, Bet Amante and the Glory Chain Prayer Ministries     Subject: FW: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: Ministry Invitation From The Philippines
Thanks,i have been blessed having visited your website,and especially by the sermon notes.God bless you. Pastor Michael Njogu. NAKURU-KENYA
THE KEEPING POWER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Good Morning Apostle Carolyn, Thank you so much for sharing your subject testimony with Donna and me. Oh how it did bless me so. It took me back in time to a small beginning of my own which is soon to be 23 years ago this coming May 18, 2008. This is my testimony (Llewellyn David McDaniel) of small beginnings, as a Door Keeper and my reward for giving a cold glass of water to a Tall Man, 6’ 4” with a size 16 shoe and is lovely wife  at the front door of an Assembly of God Church in Big Lake Louisiana. This Tall Man’s name was (Apostle Morris Plotts), and his wife's  name was (Neiva Plotts,  ) and I Llewellyn David McDaniel was a 41 year old new born again Christian man who was chosen by Lord to be a Door Keeper at the House of God who opened the door for this Man and Woman of God.  This Tall Man with blue eyes as I opened the door for him and his wife spoke these words to me that will forever impact my life, “Thank you sir, for He who receives and welcomes and accepts you receives and welcomes and accepts Me, and he who receives and welcomes and accepts Me receives and welcomes and accepts Him Who sent Me. And he who receives and welcomes and accepts a prophet, because he is a prophet shall receive a prophets reward, and he who receives and welcomes and accepts a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward and whoever gives to one of these little ones [in rank or influence] even a cup of water because he is My disciple, surely I declare to you he shall not lose his reward.” …. Matthew 10: 40, 41 and 42. In closing I would like to say that a simply courtesy such as opening of the door or a  simple act of kindness  such as  giving children a cold drink or someone a cold glass of water can turn out to be a part of God’s plan and purpose for our lives; for God alone knows our end from our beginning. In His Service and In His Love, Llewellyn David McDaniel, a man after God’s own heart and His chosen son of discovery PS: The opening of a door, Revelation 4:1 and that my beloved sisters and brothers is THE KEEPING POWER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST Morris Plotts itinerating for Tanganyika, Africa.
Hello servant of God Sisson,   Greetings to you and the family of God, thanks so very much for your prarayerful and encouraging letter. We shall be honored to have the opportunity and privilege to host the brethren who will visit us here. Our interest  in your ministry runs so deep and we hunger greatly for anything that will bring hope to our lives and we hope the gospel is the best of all.   We have been wonderfully nurtured by the teachings you have sent, they are indeed doctrinal and Bible based. We thank the Lord who has revealed to you such wonderful and inspiring knowledge. We are praying for your husband and we know that, "ALL THINGS WORKS TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE LORD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE". Know that the Lord knows why your husband is an invalid, our prayers are with you and we shall keep lifting you up to the Lord, you are His servant He will not ashame you, forsake you or leave you.   Please keep on praying for the work of God here in Kenya that many people may turned to the Lord and the Kingdom of God promoted here and beyond. Keep the good work and the faith. May the Lord of heaven who is rich in lands and houses, who has clothed the lillies of the field with raiment more goegeous than Solomon's, who  knows the number of hairs on the heads of His children for whom Christ died, richly and wonderfully bless you and may His peace which passes all human understanding keep your heart and mind through Christ Jesus.   We hope to hear from you and share our heartfelt regards with the saints there.   Yours in the Lord's Vineyard, Pastor Nicodemus.
Dear saints and soul winners, We are happy to let you know that you are blessed to be in the ministry serving our great Master. The work you do has greatly touched our hearts as we went through your inspiring and thrilling webpage and fed on your information. We are in Kenya and we request for the extension of your work to our country, we shall be build and we humbly ask to consider the possibilty of sending your team to us. We shall be  honored to host you and have you minister to our people. We bless you in Jesus name and hope to hear from you. Yours in Christ, Pastor Nicodemus.
I love this lesson, and I agree!  Bill Britton's comments are RIGHT ON!  OUR KING, IS GOD, NOT PARALLEL TO ANYONE OR THING!  BLESS HIS HOLY NAME.  I love getting these teachings since I am homebound, one vehicle, not able to be with you all the time.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  More than words can say, gratefully, dd Deborah (D'Vora) Driskell Destiny Freedom/DOD Olive Tree - Isaiah 58:11-12. “Flourishing like a green olive tree in the House of the Lord, trusting in His unfailing love and mercy.” Psalm 52:8
Praise the Lord!  Being in the Little White Church at this dispensation in time is like knowing we are on the brink of something so great there aren't words for it.  Like living in the times when our founding fathers were in Philadelphia signing the great constitution of the United States at the risk of their own lives, or living in the times when  the United Nations gave Israel her freedom to become her own country, knowing what a great price freedom would bring, or when Pharaoh gave Moses the word he could lead his people out of Egypt.  I sense we are living in the most special time in all of history, there is a sense of urgency in my heart for us to girt up our loins and put on our armor of God to do battle with Satan in a way that we have never faced before.  My feelings are strong that there will great changes in America in the next couple of years and Christians will need to depend more than ever on each other. Billy J. Dukes
"Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain, HE WASHED IT WHITE AS SNOW."  GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! Thank you for stirring our hearts toward the KING OF ALL KINGS AND LORD OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Reconciling all things unto HIMSELF!  HALLELUJAH! THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, JESUS OUR LORD, propitiation for our sins, and not only ours BUT THE WHOLE WORLD:  WHAT GOOD NEWS!  WOWOW. HOW DEEP, WIDE, CLEANSING, POWERFUL, LIFE GIVING, WHOLLY AND FULLY bringing us into the LOVE AND COMMUNION OF OUR FATHER.  I AM SO GRATEFUL.  HOW EVERY PLACE THAT THE precious blood of Jesus touches in us = LIGHT and HEALING BROUGHT TO US, can bring the same in the ones we are blessed to go and TOUCH IN HIS NAME!  Substance of our faith.  WHAT A PRIVILEDGE, WHAT A GLORIOUS POWERFUL truth for the darkness of sin, even the consequences of gross rebellion.  A message of truth lived by the prophets before us, as well as our KING.   I am filled with HOPE IN HIS FULNESS OF REDEMPTIVE RESTORATION.  HALLELUJAH FOR THIS NEW LIFE!  Thank you, dd
Dear Carolyn,   You blessed me by the revelation truth that you've received by waiting on the Lord. Love, our highest calling.   Much love and Blessings,   Pastor Patricia Xavier
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